Keaton and Grant

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How We Met

We met in High school, and I won’t say the first time we met was pleasant. We sat right next to each other in the same class and rarely spoke. Grant always had headphones in his ears, so the times I tried to speak to him, he would just grunt and continue listening to his music. It was not easy having a conversation, and it took a lot of effort to get a word out of him. He just wasn’t interested. It wasn’t until his original prom date fell through that he began noticing me. I figured out we lived in the same neighborhood, so I asked if we could carpool to prom. He agreed and he took me to prom. Literally. We had a very fun night and for the first time I thought that this could go somewhere. School came to an end and summer started.

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We didn’t hang out much but we did talk over the phone pretty often. When the school year started back up, Grant agreed to take me to school every morning. And that a exactly what he did- every single morning. Somewhere during those daily morning car rides, our bond began to grow and strong feelings arose. I was waiting for him to ask me on a date, but he never did. May came around and Grant was a senior. He was about to graduate but he STILL hadn’t asked me on a date. I began slowly losing faith in the possibility of having a relationship with him. To my suprise, it was on his very last day of school when he finally asked me out. I was so excited and no one could have seen what joy God had in store for us in the future. This only marked the beginning of our relationship.

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how they asked

A little bit about my Friday night… I thought I was having a girls’ night with my friends, but little did I know Grant Gwin had something totally different in store. He had the entire night planned…he contacted my co-workers, set up the reservation for us at an amazing restaurant, got both of our families together, set everyone up in the most perfect spot in Sun-dance square in Fort Worth, and had them all waiting for me. In constant contact with my friend, they waited for the “She’s coming!” text. As we walked down the street and turned the corner, I couldn’t believe Grant was standing there, and all of our families!

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I stopped dead in my tracks, in complete shock. He was crying; I started crying. As I moved toward him, he slowly dropped to one knee. What followed was nothing short of a little girl’s dream come true.

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There were so many twists and turns in the days leading up to this magical moment. I was diagnosed with strep and BOTH strains of flu (A and B) on Tuesday and Fort Worth was pouring rain right up until he proposed. But everything worked out in such an amazing way! I CAN’T BELIEVE WE ARE GETTING MARRIED!!

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Special Thanks

Cortney Hostin
 | Photographer