Keana and Sebastian

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How We Met

We truly believe that some of the strongest relationships start off with your partner being your best friend first. Lucky for us, this is exactly how our relationship started off. Our story began in our 6th-grade band class with Sebastian playing the tuba and myself a flute player (We obviously did not pursue our tuba or flute playing careers, but were thankful this brought us together LOL). Our first conversations in our first year of meeting consisted mostly of a casual “Hi” when entering the classroom. The next school year came and we become closer friends when we ended up having the same friend group and had a number of new classes together.

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Because the first letter of our last names are M and N, most of the time we had to sit next to each other and be partners for class projects which helped contribute to us having to communicate. Our 8th-grade year rolled around and that was the year that we really considered each other as best friends which then developed into a crush. We always go back and forth on who liked who first (I always said that he only liked me because he knew I liked him LOL). But anyway – he asked me to be his girlfriend on 09/29/2008, which I actually didn’t even answer him until the next day! Talk about making someone sweat, haha. The next day on 09/30/2008 I told Sebastian that I would love to be his girlfriend.

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We enjoyed every day that we had together, especially since it was our last year before we were going to go to high school which meant a new school and an unknown for the future of our relationship. As our 8th grade school year came to a close, I got news from Sebastian that really made the future of our relationship unknown… he had told me that his family was moving to Fresno. During that time, Sebastian did not have a cell phone so it was hard to imagine how we would make anything work out with long distances.

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But Sebastian reassured me that he wanted to stay together and he was going to find a way to make our relationship work. We then began our journey as a long-distance couple. Sebastian stayed true to his word-finding any way he could to contact me (Borrowing family members’ phones, skyping, etc.) until he finally got his own cell phone.

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We went through 4 years of high school as a long-distance couple, 4 years of college as a long-distance couple, and then an additional 4 years after as a long-distance couple. Until finally through what I can only describe as God’s incredible timing and God’s plan for us allowed us to finally be together in person. It was a long, challenging 12 years of long-distance. But we made it through and it made our relationship stronger than ever.

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How They Asked

While scrolling through Facebook one day Sebastian saw an ad for Ben Bridge Jewelers who at the time was promoting sweepstakes that they had going on. This was Ben Bridge Jeweler’s Ultimate Seahawks Proposal Sweepstakes. The grand prize of the sweepstakes was a custom-designed Bella Ponte by Ben Bridge engagement ring and the ultimate Seahawks proposal in the middle of Lumen Field. To win, all you had to do was complete a few tasks and then submit your love story. Sebastian immediately got to work completing the tasks for the sweepstakes and typing away with our love story. Some weeks passed and then Sebastian got contacted by Ben Bridge! They had a video call with him and announced him as their winner! Me of course not knowing what was going on. Next came the biggest challenge, how to get me to Lumen Field without me knowing that I was going to be proposed to.

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The night that Sebastian had found out that he had won was the same night that he had called and asked my parents for their blessing to marry me. They had of course said yes (As they and I are sure all of our other family had been waiting for the day he was going to propose). I was then told by Sebastian that we were going to be going to Lumen Field for a couple’s contest that Ben Bridge was having. We would be competing in this contest with a number of other couples.

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I was so nervous but also excited because it meant a trip up to Washington where we would get to spend time with Bastian’s family. As the time came for us to head over to the field, I was so nervous, asking Bastian a number of questions. I was prepared to do whatever it took to win the competition even if that meant me having to kick a field goal or having to run 100 yards – I was ready. We arrived, and met up with the Seahawks and Ben Bridge representative, they put a microphone on Sebastian, they had a photographer and videographer there and they started to give us a tour of the stadium.

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You would think that I might have had a clue at that point, but no…I had thought “well maybe all the other couples are getting a tour too and we’ll all meet up at the end”. I sure was in for a surprise. The tour led us to the field, where Sebastian asked if we could touch the logo in the middle… we headed over. Once we got to the middle of the field, Sebastian grabbed my hands and said “Keana, it’s time…” the rest for me was a bit of a blur as I think I was in shock LOL. Next thing I knew he was on one knee and he asked me to marry him. I said yes to forever with my best friend on 02/06/2021! After the proposal, they took us up to one of the box suites where we were served dinner, we got to meet a Seahawks legend Jordan Babineaux and the Seahawks’ mascot Blitz.

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Bastian then surprised me with a video from all of our family and friends telling us congratulations as due to COVID they could not be there with us in person. After crying my eyes out from the time he proposed all the way through dinner (And even more throughout the night), the surprises did not stop there. I was told that courtesy of Ben Bridge we had a night’s stay at a hotel nearby. When we arrived at the hotel we met up with Sebastian’s parents and siblings and I then got the biggest surprise after of course getting proposed to…my parents snuck up behind us as we were checking into the hotel.

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It meant the world to me to have them there as after the proposal my first thought was “I wish my parents could be here”. Turns out they had flown in that same morning just to be there. Once checked in we realized that not only did Ben Bridge get us a night stay, BUT they gave us a penthouse overlooking Lumen Field, complete with chocolate-covered strawberries and champagne! It was definitely a night that we will never ever forget. All thanks to Ben Bridge Jeweler’s, the Seattle Seahawks, and our friends and family. We are so blessed and so very thankful.

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