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How We Met

Cliff and I shared the same group of friends for about eight years, yet somehow we always had a missed connection. I slept on his roommate’s couch while he was at work, he snowboarded competitively and I constantly worked competitions, and our friends kept trying to set us up. We both kept doing what we were doing, avoiding every blind date possible. Seven years later, I found myself moving from California to Colorado, only knowing my roommates. I was only in Colorado for about two months when CLiff and I finally met- 860 miles away from home. He was living 15 minutes from where I had just moved! Small world or fate, I wasn’t sure but I knew I needed to find out. We hit it off immediately, needless to say, we should have said yes to those blind dates all those years ago. We quickly fell in love and the rest, well the rest is history.

how they asked

It was proposal time, we both knew. We were planning a trip to Costa Rica for his birthday and we both knew it was coming. What we didn’t know was coming as we were pregnant. With all the excitement of a baby and returned plane tickets, a proposal was the last thing on my mind! I was so excited about planning a gender reveal, a baby shower, a nursery even worry about not yet having a ring. It was time for our gender reveal.

KEANA and CLIFF's Engagement in OUR HOUSE

All our family and friends gathered around us as we were about to pull the string and reveal if we would be having a boy or a girl and all I could think was ‘I hope its a boy, I hope its a boy’ little did I know what was coming next. I was so excited when the blue balloons and confetti rushed out of the box that I didn’t even realize the yellow hearts and rose that fell out with the box. On the yellow hearts “Marry Me” was written. Needless to say, there were waterworks everywhere.


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