Kealy and Jay

How We Met

Jay and I officially met at my brother’s wedding. I knew of Jay, and we had the odd conversation here and there, but I only knew him as my brother’s best friend. I would see him around and I always thought he was really cute, but that’s all it ever was. Until my brother and sister-in-law paired us together at their wedding.


I was so excited when Anna told me that Jay and I were paired together, but I knew I had to contain my excitement because I assumed he wasn’t interested. On the day of the wedding he was making a point of talking to me, and going out of his way to acknowledge me. I thought he was such a nice guy, but I figured that’s why he was talking to me – just to be nice. At the end of the day my uncle told me he would drive me home, but Jay insisted he would. It was then that I thought maybe there was more to it.

The week after the wedding, Jay found every excuse and reason to send me a message everyday. He made it seem like he was messaging me about wedding things, but it always lead into a more detailed conversation about how my day was going. Jay and I continued to talk, and that’s when our adventure started. I had already told my whole family that Jay and I had started talking, but he thought no one knew. Dating your best friend’s little sister doesn’t usually go over well, so he was nervous for my brother to find out.

(my brother was actually really excited about it)

Eventually he found out that my family knew, and after a few months Jay and I started dating. Now we are here starting this new adventure in our life!

how they asked

Jay and I love adventures and exploring new places, so when he asked me if I wanted to go to one of our favourite spots, it was no surprise to me. When we arrived to Dundas Peak we searched for a new cliff that we hadn’t been to yet. It was a really busy day there and Jay kept insisting that we find somewhere private that looked out onto the gorgeous fall forest.

Jay is a photographer, so for him to pull out a camera on one of our adventures was a completely normal thing to me. When we finally found a hidden path that lead to a beautiful look-out, he got out his camera and set it up to take a video of us. He held me close to him and told me he loved me, and we admired the beauty of nature together. It was a perfect fall day, and right below us was a beautiful forest. All the leaves on the trees had changed to the perfect, bright, fall colours, and it was a great backdrop for the video.

As I was looking around enjoying the view, I turned to look back at Jay and to my surprise he was on one knee.


My heart dropped and my face lit up with pure joy and happiness. Jay, with the biggest smile on his face, asked me if I would marry him, and I don’t think I’ve ever felt such excitement in my entire life. He slipped the ring on my finger and I threw myself into his arms.


Little did I know our good friend, who is also a photographer, was following us around the whole day taking pictures from the bushes, and capturing the most perfect moment. He got the entire proposal on camera and the photos turned out amazing.

It was the perfect set-up, and proposal!



Special Thanks

Russel Larson