KC and Will

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How We Met

It was just a casual Thursday night in the summer when my girlfriends and I decided to go out for a drink. Nothing fancy, just to a local dive bar. In walks Will and a bunch of his friends. My friends and I actually knew a few of his friends but I had never met Will before, so when we saw them all walk in we called them over to our table. Next thing I knew Will was sitting diagonally from me at the table and we started chatting. I remember thinking how cute he was and hoped he was into me and not any of my friends (haha). After a few hours of flirting and exchanging numbers, he decided he was going to leave and go to another bar. I couldn’t let him get away so I convinced one of my friends to come with me to the next bar that Will had said he was going to. I texted him once I got to the second bar and asked him where he was? I found out a few weeks later (once we were dating) that Will had actually started to walk home to his apartment even though he said he was “going to another bar” … so when I texted him, he ran back to the bar and pretended he had been there all along! We ended up talking more, dancing and having our first kiss that night. He woke up the next morning and told one of his good friends he was going to marry me. The rest is history!

how they asked

It all started on a Monday during lacrosse season which is an extremely busy time for Will (who coaches and runs a lacrosse club program). He came home that Monday night with the most beautiful roses for me and told me it was going to be “KC Appreciation Week” because even though he had been working a lot lately he wanted me to know I was still his number one priority. Tuesday, Will cleaned the whole house. Wednesday, we went out to a fancy dinner. Thursday, we went to go see a movie. Friday, we went to get pedicures and I got a manicure (he knew I would want my nails done for the proposal I didn’t know was coming). Friday night Will had told me that for Saturday’s appreciation day he wanted me to make an appointment to go get my hair blown out. We didn’t have any plans for Saturday, it was the Saturday before Easter and we were just going to drive to Long Island where we were going to spend Easter, so I told him he shouldn’t waste his money and KC Appreciation Week had been really great so I didn’t need anything on Saturday.

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Saturday morning after lacrosse practice he texted me saying that a few of the team parents we typically hang out with wanted to go to dinner that night, so now I had a reason to get my hair blown out. I agreed and made an appointment. He told me dinner was at 6 at the beach club that one of the families belonged to, so I went and got my hair done at 4. When I got home I didn’t even like how the salon had blown out my hair and was freaking out a bit while trying to get dressed. I was putting on heels to complete my outfit when he told me we should go for a walk on the beach when we got to dinner. I, of course, looked at him like he was crazy because you can’t walk on the beach in heels, but he insisted we were going to take a walk. When we got the beach club he told me the couples we were meeting were running late so we should take our walk now. I didn’t immediately agree because I was in heels and it was a little cold out but I let him drag me onto the beach and walked a few steps, complaining the whole way. Once he realized I probably wasn’t going to walk anymore he took a hold of both of my hands and started talking about how much he loved me and about our future together.

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This is when I realized what was happening, I had been totally clueless until now, and I immediately started crying my eyes out (tears of pure happiness of course). Then, Will got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. I immediately said YES! If you thought there weren’t any more surprises you’re wrong.

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Needless to say, we were not actually at the beach club to meet other couples for dinner. A photographer had been capturing the whole thing so she came out of hiding and then my parents showed up about 15 minutes later to celebrate with us. It was the most perfect week/day and I couldn’t be happier!

Special Thanks

Natasha Miller
 | Photographer