Kazhe and Jacquez

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How We Met

Me and my fiancé met at church on August 31, 2015. He came to me and told me that God told him that I would be his wife someday. He was a very spiritual person. I thought he was insane because I wasn’t attracted to him at all. So after he told me that I kindly said “okay, so now what?” He looked at me and said “just give it some thought”

I really though he was nuts! So months went on, and one day I saw him at church he looked different to me. I actually thought he was a little handsome. His meek, mellow and calm spirit was what really attracted me to him. I prayed the day before that if he’s supposed to be my husband, I hope he can at least look the part! And God heard my prayer. So now he is currently in the United States Navy on deployment! And I’m back home planning for a wedding to marry the man God wanted for me and the man of my dreams.

how they asked

My fiancé proposed at our current church, where we met! He already spoke with our pastors, and told them that after service he wanted to propose. Which I completely knew nothing about. He surprised me in front of people I loved. The best day of my life!

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Special Thanks

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