Kayzie and Andrew

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How We Met

Andrew and I met my sophomore year of college at Ball State University. We sat at the same lunch table and had a mutual group of friends (sound so weird saying we met at the lunch table in college LOL!!). We became friends and enjoyed each others company. We finally began dating my senior year of college. Ball State was the best place on earth and we loved every minute of our time at our college.

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how they asked

My fiancé proposed at Walt Disney World on New Years Eve. I have dreamt of a Disney proposal since the age of about 4 years old. My Fiance knew this was my dream but he did everything in his power to make me believe it wasn’t going to happen. We were going on vacation to Disney World on December 28th and the say before he decided to take me to look at rings (something we have done for about 6 months). We found THE ring but he insisted that the sales people were pushy and rude and he couldn’t buy the ring from them or the store. Little did I know he had a whole other plan. He had his whole family and my dad involved.

We left the morning of December 28th to head to Disney world (Literally the last plane to make it out before a HUGE ice storm, what luck!). We spent the week in Disney and me being the BIGGEST Disney fanatic in the world I was the happiest person alive. This was the first grown up vacation Andrew and I took (Paying for it our selves, not that Disney is very grown up ;) but no one can tell me that!). We spent the whole week having a blast and just enjoying our time and I knew as the week went on that the proposal of my dreams wasn’t going to happen.

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It came to New years eve and we went to the most fantastic hibachi grill in Epcot at Disney World. We eat the best meal and headed over the Magic Kingdom to get in line for the New years fireworks. We arrived two hours early and danced with the crowd to pass the time before the new year hit. I was the happiest girl in the world, at my favorite place on earth, with my favorite person on earth, enjoying the best time of my life. The fireworks came and went and we enjoyed a new years kiss. We were heading out to main street and Andrew suggested we find someone to take out picture in front of the castle light up, because we hadn’t done that yet. We only had one day left so I figure there was nothing going on but a picture. We took two photos and I figured we would grab my camera and go and then Andrew yelled he wanted one more. He dropped to one knee and asked me to marry him for the rest of forever. Before I could even grasp what was going on I said… Andrew did you ask my dad?! I didn’t even give a yes I asked if he asked my dad because I was afraid that he didn’t! He laughed and said yes. I screamed yes and he spun me around. The whole main street was screaming and cheering for us. I was truly on cloud nine. I ran down main street screaming I’m getting married to my best friend and everyone cheered. It was truly the best day of my life.

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