Kaytlynn and Wyatt

Image 1 of Kaytlynn and Wyatt

It all started when Wyatt and I met each other 3 and a half years ago in high school. We had lunch together and sat at the tables next to each other. I knew when I saw him that he was the one I was going to marry. He then asked me to be his girlfriend by putting a note in the top of my locker, which soon became “our” locker. He was a senior and I was a sophomore. He then graduated and went off to college. It was a little rough but we managed to get through it. I had made it through the two years and graduated high school. For my graduation gift my mom took Wyatt, my sister, and I to Siesta Key, Florida. When we got there I thought it was just going to be a normal vacation. On the third day after we had come in to lay down we decided to go back down to the beach. We took a walk down the beach. When we were walking back I had saw my mom and sister taking pictures and thought nothing of it. My mom then pointing the camera at us and I wanted nothing to do with it. I then stopped and turned around and the love of my life was down on one knee. I was on cloud nine!! How exciting was it to be on the beach and be asked to marry the most kind hearted and loving man in the world!! I love Wyatt with everything I am and couldn’t imagine marrying anyone else. I’m so happy to say that I get to grow old with my high school sweetheart!❤ Our picture was actually taken moments after the proposal. That night we went out to celebrate at an oyster bar downtown. You actually take dollar bills and write on them and stick them to the wall. What a better opportunity to announce it to everyone. It will forever hang on that wall! ❤ Song of Solomon 3:4