Kaytlyn and Jordan

How We Met

Jordan and I met at Albright College a little over three years ago and there was an instant connection. He still states to this day that he believes he fell in love at first sight. We met at sorority/fraternity mixer and hit it off. The conversation just flowed as did our feelings for one another. I loved is ginger hair and he loved my smile. We went our separate ways for a little but came right back to one another and decided to never let each other go again. It has been pure happiness since. Every day I fall in love with him more.

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Longwood Gardens

how they asked

Jordan planned a double date with one of my friends and her husband. He surprised me by taking me to a location that I have always wanted to visit, Longwood Gardens. It was absolutely beautiful and I was in Heaven with all the fall colors and pretty flowers. I was jumping for joy on the ride there because I saw the sign for Longwood Gardens and started tapping on the car window smiling because we were arriving.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Longwood Gardens

We walked around for a bit and came to a gorgeous structure known as the Canopy Cathedral overlooking a pond and nature. Jordan saw how happy I was and asked if I would like to take a picture. We took a few pictures and then Jordan began kissing me (he was very nervous), then finally he gets down on one knee and asks to spend forever with me. I was absolutely speechless and had tears pouring down my face. After I came back to reality I was able to say YES and hand him my left hand.

I could not wait to spend forever with my best friend. I still am finding it had to believe that we are engaged and planning a wedding now. I wouldn’t want it any other way. I love you Jordan William Wheaton.

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