Kaysie and Ronald

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Memphis Botantical Gardens

Ronnie and I’s Love story began with a message over facebook. That message turned into months of communication that eventually turned into an invite to his Birthday Luncheon with his close friends and family. After the luncheon he got up the courage and very nervously asked me to go to the zoo with him the next day for a date. We had such a great time together but I was still not sure why God had put him in my life yet. That came when I bought his wedding band while I was vacationing in Hawaii. My heart reckonized I was in love with this man but my brain was slow to the race. When he asked me and that Red Bridge; if I would be his companion in this life and the next, I said Yes! I love him with all of my heart and would not want to be on this journey with anyone else but him!

Proposal Ideas Memphis Botantical Gardens

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