Kaylynn and Jason

how we met

Jason and I attended UT Tyler for college. During our freshman year, we had orientation together and then come to find out we had a politics class together. I know I remember who Jason was, but I’m not sure if he really knew or remember who I was. During our first test, I arrived to class a little late and so the seats open were few and far between. Looking around the classroom, I found a row that had 3 seats (what I needed to include my friends). I sat beside Jason, although I acted like I didn’t know him at all (I’m super shy). Before our professor passed out the tests, Jason looked at me as I was opening up my pencil bag and asked, “do you have a pencil I can borrow?” I responded “no”, and put my bag up. Luckily my friend was more generous and gave him one. After the test was over, I tweeted Jason and eventually slid into the DMs and got his number!

how they asked

Jason and I went back and forth for months about planning a trip to New York! It was somewhere we both always wanted to go! Eventually, I got tired of the back and forth talking and got on and booked our flights one night! After months of waiting for our trip it was time (with a few setbacks and cancellations/rebooking), we were finally there! Once we were there, Jason wanted to ensure we had a specific day and time for going to Central Park. We decided on Tuesday, February 5th at 3:30. Jason informed me that I had to dress up (I refused to wear heels in Central Park so I took them with me). While walking, Jason became more nervous and I had a feeling he was going to pop the question. Jason let me sit down before we climbed up some rocks to put my heels on. Once we got to the too, I was out of breath and sat down just admiring the beautiful skyline. Jason asked me to get up, he then popped the question and of course I said “YES”! And what made it even better, was he hired a photographer in New York and she captured it all and we got to do our first ever photo shoot together! It was a day I will never forget!

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