Kaylyn and Joey

Kaylyn's Proposal in Bells Island, Richmond, Virginia

How We Met

Joey and I first saw each other in high school. I was a senior and he was a sophomore. We had a gym class at the same time but never talked. Flash forward two years we end up working at the same grocery store and became best friends.

how they asked

It was my birthday. We woke up and Joey asked what I wanted to do before we drove down for a birthday dinner with my family. I suggested we go for a nature walk with our dog, Lily. He asked if his brother could come. I said of course. After walking for a while we get to the tip of the island secluded from everyone. He gives me a hug and asked if there is anyway he could make my birthday better. I said no I was happy. The whole time I could hear his heart racing. I take a step back asking if he is okay and glance back at his brother, who was holding up his phone. I turn around to see Joey kneeling with the ring. I jump back saying “no you’re not”. Of course I said yes. He’s my best friend. Wouldn’t want to be with anyone else.

Kaylyn and Joey's Engagement in Bells Island, Richmond, Virginia

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