Kaylyn and Brad

How We Met

​Brad and I first met while working for the Corpus Christi Hooks baseball team in Texas. Every time I think back about how our story started, I know that the odds of us even getting to know each other was really slim because of how different our responsibilities were for the organization. My office was on the third floor with the production team and Brad’s office was in the locker room on the first floor with the players (no girls allowed). There was zero interaction between our two positions during a workweek or a game day… but my first weekend at work with The Hooks, Brad happened to be up in the press box visiting with a friend during The College Classic Baseball Tournament and that is when we first got introduced.

Once Brad asked me out on a date we were pretty much inseparable during the very few weekends we had off work. (For those who don’t know, working in minor league baseball means your life IS baseball from April-September with few weekends off).

We loved the work, loved the friendships and loved experiencing the hard hours together. Here’s to the game that brings so many people together across the nation. Whether it’s a fun theme night for families, a community relations event for non-profits, a work outing for businesses or a college baseball tournament for two coworkers who never knew what was coming next.

Proposal Ideas Neptune Beach

How They Asked

Brad and I have been together for two years. Last December we went on a vacation with my best friend to Costa Rica. We all decided that one morning we were going to wake up and see the sun rise over the ocean in Costa Rica. (HOW ROMANTIC, right?) We wake up at 5:30 am on our vacation. Walk a block to the beach… only to discover that the sun does NOT, in fact, rise over the ocean in the part of Costa Rica we were at. (EPIC FAIL). A year later my best friend visits Brad and I. We are having a wine/game night and she says, guys, we would redeem ourselves for Costa Rica and wake up to see the sun rise over the beaches here in Jacksonville.

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Neptune Beach

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Neptune Beach

So I agree… The next morning at 6am I am really not feeling it, but they convince me. We drive to the beach and I am instantly so grateful that I got up that morning. It was beautiful. We are taking pictures and playing with our dog, when my friend gets a call from her dad. She walks away to take her phone call.

I proceed to take pictures of the sun coming up over the water when Brad says my name and when I turn around he is on one knee asking me to marry him. I dropped my phone, dropped my dog’s leash and instantly start sobbing (of pure joy) because I was so surprised and excited to spend the rest of my life with the guy who is forever trying to see the sun rise every morning with me. Whether it’s an epic fail in Costa Rica or the picture perfect sunrise in the states.

Special Thanks

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