Kaylyn and Adam

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How We Met

My mom and dad were invited to a wedding January 16th, 2016 and when last minute my dad could’t attend, the bride let my mom know she could bring my older sister and I! After going back and forth about going or not, the morning of, I decided WHAT THE HECK, I’ll go. Little did I know, that would be the best decision I ever made, and I would meet my soon to be, FIANCE!

I didn’t see him during the ceremony, but we were sat at the same table for the reception. I remember him walking up to our table and not even thinking anything of it, but as he talked to us, my sister kept hitting my leg under the table and whispering to me, KAYLYN, what about him? I kept saying, no no no (being that I am kinda shy and didn’t want him to know we were talking about him LOL). Anyways, as the night went on our whole table (my mom, sister, and a bunch of his close friends and family) were determined to set us up. I dismissed myself to go to the restroom and little did I know, the whole table plotted our get together.

When I got back I realized my table had been dismissed to get our dinner and so I sneaked up to the front of the line with my mom and sister, and just as I was pouring my dressing on my salad… Adam walked up and said (out loud for everyone to hear) DAMN GIRL, YOU MAKE THAT SALAD LOOK GOOOOOOD. I just about died….. but deep down, knew this guy was something special. The whole night from start to finish, he made me laugh non stop. We danced all night, had our first kiss, he added my number in his phone as “Kaylyn, my future wife” my sister even sent a snap chat to all our friends of us dancing saying, “Kaylyn met her future husband”. And from that day on, we have pretty much spent every day together!

how they asked

About two weeks before my birthday, Adam nonchalantly asked me if I wanted to go to palm springs for my birthday, of course I said heck yeah! Who doesn’t want to go on a weekend getaway with all their close friends for their birthday? So, he (aka I – LOL) planned it! I found the cutest air B&B, text all our friends, and booked the weekend! I think he intentionally asked so last minute and let me plan it, so that I didn’t think anything of it, which is exactly what happened, I was clueless. As the weekend approached, he gave me an early birthday present, pictures together with my favorite photographer, Katie! After the fact, people asked if that raised suspicion, but it didn’t!

Our close friends just got holiday pictures done by her, and I told him just a couple days before he gave me the gift, that I was so jealous because they were soooo cute! Plus, Adam isn’t much of a picture guy, I always have to beg him to take any pictures! So it was the perfect gift in my eyes! He knows how much I love pictures, and it was so thoughtful of him to get me that! So, the Saturday that we were in palm springs, we left for what was supposed to be an hour long shoot, with multiple outfits and locations, but ended up being a quick 20 minutes, one location, one outfit and simply the best day, EVER.

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I was in shock (as you can see in the pictures). Katie, our photographer, started taking pictures of us together, then told me to step away and took some individuals of Adam. Next up it was my turn, she snapped a couple individual shots, then asked Adam to step back in for some more pictures together. As he walked up, he pulled out a ring box, and I have never been so shocked and excited in my life.

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He got down on one knee, opened the box, and inside was my dream ring.

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All I remember is tears in his eyes, and him asking me to spend forever with him. The rest is a blur. It was simply perfect. Katie snapped more pictures of us newly engaged, and then we were way too excited to get back to our “small” group of friends at the house, so we wrapped it up and headed back! The surprises didn’t end there… As we walked in the house, all of our family and close friends were there!! He had a taco man come, we partied, played games, popped champagne and celebrated, US!

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