Kaylin and Thaddeus

Proposal Ideas Our livingroom

How We Met

I met Thad through my ex-boyfriend. Almost 2 years ago, he heard me yelling at the tv while watching football and he swore that if my ex didn’t marry me, he would. My boyfriend at the time had me talk to Thad over PlayStation while he left to go to a friend’s. I knew there was something special about him but didn’t think he could possibly feel the same way. About 2 weeks later, he messaged me on Facebook and we began talking. Talking became face timing and calling. We fell madly in love from a long distance. He helped me finish my schoolwork and graduate from college. I knew that I was in love, so I broke up with my boyfriend, and moved 800 miles away to be with Thad.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Our livingroom

How They Asked

Fast forward to June, we had just gotten home from hiking all day. Thad knows I hate being in the center of a big scene and I cry if they sing happy birthday to me. He turned off the tv that I was watching and put on music. He asked me to dance with him in the living room like we did when we first moved in together. While we were dancing, our dog, whiskey, started jumping upon us. Thad got down on one knee seeming like he was going to pick up whiskey, but instead, he asked whiskey if he should do it, and pulled out a ring.