Kaylin and Andrew

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how we met

I was a young, single, collegiate rugby player who had a passion for kids. One of my high school friends knew a young, single, rugby player who had a passion for kids as well in her small group at church. She insisted I start coming with her on Thursday nights and after little persuasion I gave in. After meeting Andrew I instantly believed in love at first sight. We clicked immediately and conversation flowed easily. He asked me to go on a hike with him and I brought my sisters 4-week-old puppy as a wing man. He showed up to my house with treats for the dog and all my favorite snacks and drinks for our hike. We hiked a few miles and found a large rock to sit on at the top. We sat together for hours spitting sunflower seeds and getting to know each other more. In that moment I knew I would never look at another man the same. We spent the next few weeks going on hikes, playing frisbee golf and taking long bike rides. Then it was time for me to head back to college, 2 and 1/2 hours away. We decided then to make things official and have been dating for about a year now.

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how they asked

Engagement was definitely something I wanted but not something I was expecting, especially not on my family vacation to Colorado. This proposal had it all! Everything from the element of surprise to also being filled with the most sentimental and romantic gestures. My family and I were at a family Christian dude ranch in Colorado for the week. On Wednesday morning I was told we were getting family photos on our horse ride later that day. We rode for about and hour and I forgot all about the family photos that were supposedly happening. We reached the top of a beautiful mountain and were just beginning our decent down. We rounded a corner and entered the upper meadow to find a picnic and flowers everywhere. I looked around and my eye caught Andrew(who I thought was still in Georgia) walking out from behind a tree.

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When I first saw him I assumed he was just there to surprise me, the last thing I was thinking was that I was about to be engaged to the man of my dreams. Knowing that we would be apart for a week, we had each written a letter for one another before hand. Before I left he told me to open mine this Thursday morning, which I did. The last sentence on the last line began, “Kaylin Alexandra Deel….” And then he drew an arrow and wrote, “flip paper over for the rest” I flipped the sheet over to find absolutely nothing but a blank sheet. I was confused and called him later and he apologized saying the second sheet must have fallen out.

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Well, when he walked out from behind the tree, after talking for a brief moment he dropped to one knee and said “This is page two of your letter. Kaylin Alexandra Deel, Will you marry me?” With joyful tears running down my face I said, “Well of course!” And wrapped my arms around him.

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He had a picnic set up with music, flowers and an amazing mountain view. He had taken videos the entire length of his trip to propose such as him getting on the plane, sleeping in his car the night before, and the few moments before he asked me to marry him. I watched each heartfelt video and could see all the time and thought that went into this beautiful proposal.

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