Kaylie and Todd

How We Met

I was working a part-time job at a nearby restaurant and Todd would come in every Sunday after riding his dirt bike with his buddies. After seeing him in there for a while but never approaching him, I decided to buy him a shot of fireball (with a lot of encouragement from my coworkers of course) and the rest is history! We fell very quickly for each other! As a matter of fact, I still have a picture of the ticket that was sent to the bartender through the computer system!

how they asked

Todd and I were already having the most incredible vacation of our lives in Scottsdale, Arizona when we decided to make a 4-hour road trip up to the South Rim of the Grand Canyon. We finally arrived at National Park and made a few stops at the scenic overlooks there. We made it to the Grand Canyon welcome center and had lunch and began to hike along the canyon trail. Todd didn’t say more than three words the entire time we hiked.


He’s afraid of heights so I blamed his nervousness and quietness on the canyon! Eventually, we made it an hour into the trail and decided to head back. On our way back, we stopped at an overlook that he felt safe standing on and we sat down and enjoyed the view together. I told him how I wanted somebody to get a picture of us with the Grand Canyon in the background so he looked around and found a nice man to do just that for us! Little did I know, he whispered to the man that he was about to propose and the man snapped several photos of our special moment!

Where to Propose in Grand Canyon

choked up when he asked me to marry him and it was the most emotionally overwhelming moment of my life. I feel like I’m living in a dream and still haven’t woken up! I got the most incredible proposal from the most amazing man with the most beautiful ring and I couldn’t be happier to spend the rest of my life with him! Attached is a photo of our special moment!