Kaylie and Dylan

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How We Met

Dylan is the lead singer of a band called Capital Kings and was on tour. I work for a non profit combatting sex trafficking and was leading a training team in Thailand. His roommates best friend had been one of my students the year prior and came on as one of my staff members this year. In the midst of the trip she had been telling me that she knew who my future husband was and that we were soul mates, while her best friend was telling Dylan the same about me. We both were focused on our work and just gave it to God, knowing that it would truly take meeting “the one” because of our passions. Once I returned home, he reached out to me while I was in a German pub with one of my best friends in Seattle.

I remember laughing hysterically because he “slid into my DMs on instagram.” His humor and huge heart captured me and once we starting talking, the rest was history. We spoke every single day and a a little over a week later I flew out to surprise him for his last show of the tour so we could finally meet. We not only fell in love with each other, but with one another’s families. Within seven days, we both knew that we wanted to marry one another and just a few months later, we became engaged.

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how they asked

With our careers and God’s timing, we did things a little backwards. I knew the ring was getting made but believed it wouldn’t be done for a while. He was on tour but we knew when we wanted to get married, so we agreed that I would start planning, and I knew the engagement was going to happen but thoroughly believed it couldn’t occur until the very end of this year or next. I never saw it coming. I had believed that I had set up this appointment for our mom’s and us to visit a venue we fell in love with. It reminded me of my papa who had passed and with both of our families being down for thanksgiving, the timing seemed perfect. Dylan had just surprised me and flew in two days early from tour and with the help of my friends and our family, he had been throwing me off for months. I had no idea that he had already asked my father for my hand in marriage, or that he had enlisted our loved ones to be a part of it all.

To back up a bit to the first time he spoke about wanting to get me a ring to propose with. My response was… “Just put a string on it” so that became our inside joke. We would send photos of string, talk about how he wished he had string, and when he went on tour I made him a black string ring that he still has on to this day.

So, back to the day of – we all drove up the mountain and when we arrived to the venue, I was greeted by two of my best friends. I thought Dylan had just been sweet and invited them but once they told me to listen to him before they took me away, I knew something was different. He told me he loved me and as I walked off with my sisters, I saw my friend Gabi taking photos. That’s when I knew what was happening.

It all started with a video of him speaking which shared his heart and guided me in what ws to come. “All you have to do is follow the blue string.”

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The string led me to letters, gifts, and loved ones. Each station filled with intentional love that overflowed my cup.

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I remember losing it when I walked up the stairs and saw my dad and brother, who prayed over this experience and our future marriage.

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At the last station, he had another video for me to watch. “For the last time, follow the string to the alter. I love you.”

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As I watched him walk between the trees and to the alter, a song started playing from speakers behind me. It was a song he wrote and recorded just for this moment. My heart stopped. I may be biased but when you listen to it in the video, I truly believe you’ll understand why I believe this is the most intentional and incredible love song I have ever heard.

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Once I reached his hand, we slow danced as he sang the song in my ear…and as the song ended, my future husband got on one knee and asked me to be his forever.

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My answer, “ ABSO-FREAKIN-LUTELY.” As he put the ring on my hand, we were greeted with cheers from friends and family who ran to us from behind the trees. My soul sister from Thailand was on face-time and the tears continued to stream down my face.

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Truly, these words and this video do not even compare to the reality of these priceless moments….

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the ring

I would have been more than happy with a piece of string and I never imagined that I would have the honor of wearing this timeless piece. This ring was completely designed by Dylan and here is what makes it so special: the center stone is from his moms wedding ring, all of the surrounding diamonds are from my mother’s wedding ring; the rest of the stones are from his sweet grandmother who passed and from his Auntie. The sapphires, my birthstone, are from Dylan. This heirloom is beyond anything I could have ever imagined and the sentimental value and story behind the stones will forever be embedded within our hearts.

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Our Video

Special Thanks

Gabi Adams
 | Photographer
Dylan Houseright
 | Singer/Musician