Kaylia and Harold

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How We Met

Harold and I met while attending the University of West Georgia, but that is not where our love story began. See, Harold and I barely even spoke in college. We would say “hi” and “bye” to each other, but that is as far as it went. I graduated from UWG in May of 2009, and Harold ended up transferring schools for personal reasons. We never saw each other again. Fast forward to July 3, 2015 at 7:45pm when I received a direct message from Harold via Instagram. He had been randomly scrolling through my page, and he decided to reach out. We exchanged numbers after a few back and forth direct message’s, then soon after decided to meet up on July 7. We have been the best of friend’s since.

how they asked

I took Harold to Chicago in November of 2016 for his 30th birthday, so of course he had to one up me. I was completely surprised when Harold told me to take off of work because we had travel plans. He told me what to pack, but I had no clue we were going to Sandals in the Bahamas until we arrived at the airport!

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Day one of our trip, the day before my birthday, was so amazing as we enjoyed the beach and sightseeing. The next day, my 30th birthday, Harold told me we had plans at 5:00pm. After getting dressed, he led me to a dock where a private yacht was waiting to take us around the coast of Paradise Island. It was everything. We then pulled up close to where the cruise ships dock, and a car was waiting for us. About 10 minutes from our destination, Harold made me promise to keep my eyes closed. When my eyes opened, we were parked in front of the beautiful Sandals Resort. We went inside and he had a photographer waiting for me. I had said months before that I should take pictures for my birthday, and little did I know, he was really paying attention. We were then led to a private dinner on the beach. Our butler read us our custom menu, then disappeared. When he returned, with what I thought was our appetizers, the most beautifully decorated plate, with words that read, “You are My Happily Ever After” was placed in front of me.

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My eyes then darted to my dream ring. My dream man then came over to me, spoke the most beautiful words, and asked me to be his forever.

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