Kayli and Zachary

How We Met

Flashback to August 2012: Zack was a Senior at LSU and I was just starting my Freshman year. We were both members of the LSU Powerlifting Team. One day I ran into Zack at the gym and Zack greeted me with, “Hey, Cali!” At this point in life, I was very familiar with people confusing my name so I just responded, “Hi, Zack” and continued with my workout. The next day, Zack apologized and asked me to get lunch with him. We still consider that to be our first date.

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Flash forward to July 2016: Zack and I were planning a vacation to Maui for a few days. Before we left, we meet some friends for an early dinner. Our friend texted me and mentioned that her and her husband were playing with his new camera and taking pictures on the Parade Grounds on LSU’s campus. We went to the Parade Grounds to meet them. It was a beautiful scene: the sun was setting and Zack and I were standing under the beautiful oak trees on the campus where we first met. Zack got down on one knee and was as awkward as the first time we spoke, Zack asked me to marry him.

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