Kaylen and Beau

How We Met

Beau and I met at the movie theater. We had both gone by ourselves to see a showing of Star Trek: Into Darkness. He spotted me in the lobby before the show and said hi, and I told him he looked like the Tenth Doctor. Come to find out, we were both there to see the same movie, so we sat together and talked about all the nerd things…books, movies, video games, and TV shows. After the movie got out we were walking back to our cars and I made an offhand comment about the fact that, in this universe with the technology to fly through space at light speed, and to beam matter from one location to another, they didn’t have the technology to invent a remote detonator for the volcano bomb? The entire conflict of the movie could have been prevented if they had just used a remote control and hadn’t had to drop Spock down into that mountain. Beau’s mind was blown, and the rest, as they say, is history.

how they asked

Beau and I have a weird little tradition where we celebrate Friday the 13th instead of Valentine’s Day. This way, rather than seeing it as an unlucky day, we always have something to look forward to. In November 2015, Friday the 13th happened to be the day before my 28th birthday. We hadn’t made any concrete date plans yet, for either the 13th or the next day for my birthday, so I decided to make an appointment at the eye doctor immediately after work that day, knowing that I should still be out in time to meet Beau at home and go out to dinner, or whatever we decided to do. Unfortunately, when I got there my eye doctor was way behind in his appointments, and even though I was scheduled at 3:30 pm, I didn’t end up getting called back until 5 pm. By the time my appointment was over, I knew I would be hitting rush hour and probably wouldn’t get home until almost 7 pm. I texted Beau to apologize and was about to leave the doctor’s office when the receptionist stopped me. She told me something had been dropped off for me, and handed me a card and a package wrapped in Star Wars paper. The package turned out to be the soundtrack to The Princess Bride (my favorite movie), and the card contained a series of clues that pointed to the movie theater where we first met.

I got in my car, hoping he hadn’t already bought tickets to a movie, because I was going to be so very late. I called him to tell him that I was stuck in traffic, at which he told me not to worry, and he would see me soon. The theater was across town and it took me nearly forty minutes to get there. I ran inside, expecting Beau, but instead found our friend Maya waiting by the box office. She handed me a second present and another card. This present was a DVD copy of the ninth season of Doctor Who, and this card sent me to the park where he first told me he loved me. Maya was very cryptic about the whole thing, and I assumed now that I was on a treasure hunt to a surprise birthday party.

Beau always loved throwing me surprise birthday parties. The park was back on the other side of town, and at this point I was not only still in the middle of rush hour, but also running very low on gas, and I was a little panicked that I wouldn’t make it the whole way. I did, thankfully, though by the time I got there it was after dark and, being November, it was very cold. I looked around the park for a bit to find Beau sitting on a bench dressed as the Tenth Doctor. Despite the suit and the overcoat, it was clear he’d been there for a long time and he was a little blue in the face. He gave me a third present (a Harley Quinn Funko Pop) and another card. This clue sent me to the Adventure Science Center, which is my favorite place in all of Nashville.

At this point I was thoroughly confused and not sure what kind of party this was going to be, but I dutifully got back in my car and drove off. Beau said he wasn’t coming with me just yet. When I got to the Science Center I found Maya again, waiting with another clue and another present. The present was a replica of Arwen’s Evenstar, from Lord of the Rings, and the clue was written in Elvish, but it sent me home. Finally, I figured, we were getting to the party part of the evening. I hoped I hadn’t kept everyone waiting too long, but when I drove up to the house there weren’t any cars parked around and the house was dark. I came in through the garage door into the kitchen, and I knew there wasn’t going to be a party. All of the lights were out, but every surface in the kitchen was covered in hundreds of tea lights. No one was around, but on the island in the middle the tea lights were arranged in a heart and in the center of the heart was a little treasure chest.

I opened the chest (it lit up and played a video game jingle) and it was empty, except for a piece of paper. I unfolded the paper and it read, “It’s dangerous to go alone…take me.” When I turned around, Beau came around the corner, looking probably the most serious I’d ever seen him. He gave me a hug, got down on one knee, and asked me to marry him. I managed not to cry, but I obviously I said yes.

This is Beau’s favorite part of the story: We went out for dinner afterward at her favorite restaurant, and came home that night. She had smiled a lot, but never cried or even looked like she was that impressed with the whole thing. I thought maybe I’d done something wrong or gone too far with the whole proposal. We went to bed that night, and around 3 am I woke up to the sound of her crying into her pillow. I was terrified…thought maybe she’d changed her mind or hated the whole thing…and I asked her what was wrong. “It…was…so…perfeeecccccct…” That’s when I knew I did good.