Kaylen and Alex

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How We Met

Alex & I met at a camp the summer after my freshman year of high school. While eating lunch one day, my table of friends dared me to approach this senior guy at another table and steal food off of his plate. I knew the guy pretty well, and I will never live down a dare so I accepted the challenge. I stealthily walked over to his table and prowled over him as he passed the fruit bowl to the left. Then, fork in hand, I reached over his shoulder, attacked the cantaloupe slices on his plate, and shoved them into my mouth.

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When he turned around, I was mortified to learn this was not the senior guy I thought I was stealing food from. Instead, it was Alex.” I’m SO sorry I thought you were someone else!” I tried to explain. I had never met Alex before, but surely that was a terrible first impression. Well, maybe not. As fate had it, we became each other’s camp crush that week. It also turns out he had just moved from Arizona & was new to my high school & in my grade! We exchanged numbers on the bus ride home and the rest is history :)

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How They Asked

On July 3rd, 2020 at the same Gazebo off of Memorial Drive, where Alex asked me to be his girlfriend in high school, he asked me to be his wife.

On the afternoon of the engagement, Alex had arranged for my best friends to get ready with me & take me to Happy Hour. During Happy Hour, we planned the girls’ night ahead of us…but alternate plans started to become real to me when my friends drove right past my neighborhood & turned left on Memorial Drive. I had a feeling I knew where they were taking me– the place where it all began.

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They walked me halfway into the wooded path and my heart started to pound harder against my chest when I saw the bright rose petals leading me the rest of the way to my favorite high school spot. Nerves, excitement & emotions accompanied me on my walk to the Gazebo & there standing right in the center was– not Alex–but a white table, a book & a note that read:

“My Dearest Kaylen,

Do you remember this book? It’s the story of “us”. Brings me joy everytime I flip through these pages. Do me a favor and read till the very end. Love you!


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I did not remember the book at the time, until I flipped it open & saw several pictures from sophomore homecoming to senior prom, snippets of old journal entries dated back to 2012, & letters from birthdays, anniversaries– you name it. When I noticed my long & scrappy handwriting on the pages, I realized this was a scrapbook that I had made for Alex after high school.

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I smiled as I relived our high school memories that created us through the pages in front of me. Half-way through the book, I was surprised to find the last page I created. There was a whole second half created by Alex. He had updated our story with all of the pictures, memories that continued after high school– our time in college, our trips around the world, everything in-between until that present-day moment. But the last page was empty, with the headline: July 3, 2020.

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I turned around to see my nervously confident, handsome soon-to-be fiancé standing with my favorite white hydrangeas in one hand, a sweaty palm in the other. We walked around our favorite spot & there, in the place where we had created so many old memories, he asked me to marry him.

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It was my best yes. Yes to new memories, yes to world adventures, yes to future scrapbook pages, yes to a lifetime with my forever best friend.

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Special Thanks

Megan McGuire
 | Photographer