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How We Met

Looking back at it now I can’t help to think about what are the chances. Both of us recently moved back to Hawaii. I started working on base at the Dead Sea Salt kiosk at the PX. It was my first week and I instantly noticed a smile that I couldn’t resist. I asked this random guy if he would like a free demonstration. He eagerly came over to see what I had to say. As I went through my typical process he had me laughing hysterically. Something about his charismatic personality won me over. Butterflies in my stomach I mistakenly forgot to finish the facial I gave him. Afterwards he explained that he had left his wallet in the car. Much to my surprise he came back a few minutes later and purchased my largest package. I don’t know how I worked up the courage but I wrote my number on the back of his receipt. It just seemed natural.

Later that day he called me to ask me out on a date. Of course I was ecstatic jumping up and down. The poor guy waited for me in his car for at least 45 minutes because I couldn’t figure out what to wear. Anyway we first stopped at the arcade in Millani. Then we went to see The Heart Break Kid. After the movie we didn’t want the night to end so we ventured downtown. We attempted to get into a few clubs but I was too young. At this point we stopped at Denny’s. I was talking so much I barely got to finish my meal. We ended the night walking along the strip before heading back to base.

We went on dates for about two months before we became boyfriend and girlfriend. Some of my fondest memories were shared in that short amount of time.

how they asked

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For several months Luis was on a mission to track down the perfect ring and the perfect diamond. We started looking at rings in the Caribbean, Chicago, and Wisconsin. The idea was for him to let me pick three rings and he would make the final selection. He kept telling me it would probably be in the spring because the ring was taking longer to be customized.

After a while I channeled my energy into the holidays. It had been three years since we last spent Christmas with his family, so obviously I wanted to make it a special.

The day after Christmas we had plans to head to South Padre Island to go to the beach. As usual we were running slightly behind schedule. Since I was told his mom wanted to have a family dinner. Luis, Oralia, and I rode in my car and his brother rode in his car with his friend. Once we arrived at the beach we met up with his long time friend Pierre and his girlfriend. We spent two hours swimming in the ocean, telling stories, taking pictures, and enjoying pina coladas. As Luis and I were walking back from the bar he was tugging on me to go for a walk with him. Suddenly he stubs his toe on something buried in the sand. Much to my surprise it was a message in a bottle. I was completely intrigued by the rustic bottle, wire and wax seal. As we were showing everyone the bottle. Luis continued to complain of his foot injury. His friend Pierre who is a medic jokingly attended to his injury. Making all of us laugh. I told everyone I didn’t want to open the bottle because it looked so neat. It would be perfect house decor. Not long after all of the girls left in one car and the guys left in the other. We made time for “girls day” and “boys day”. Us girls went to go get our hair done, make up and Luis’s mom helped me find a dress. I wanted to wear jeans and cowgirl boots but Luis told me that we were going to be taking family portraits. Time was running out and his poor mother began stressing over the time. I reassured her that it was only dinner. If we’re fifteen minutes late it’s okay. We raced to the house, got dressed and booked it to the restaurant. Meanwhile Luis rode with his big brother Mike who helped him get ready.

Arriving at the restaurant thirteen minutes late. I saw Luis and the rest of the family in a private dining room. Luis looked incredibly handsome, wearing a button down shirt, dark jeans and a navy blazer. He admired my matching navy dress and we sat down. I leaned over to him and told him that I felt over dressed because some family members were wearing jeans. He laughed and said they must have not gotten the memo. His older brother who is a photographer was going to be taking pictures. So all I was thinking about was having them framed. As we were starting our meal I noticed the two musicians playing a couple of our songs. Including Yellow by Coldplay, Young and Beautiful by Lana Del Rey and I wont give up by Jason Mraz. I was holding Luis’s hand and told him what a coincidence that they were playing some of our songs. Smoothly Luis brushed it off and changed the subject to the bottle we found earlier in the day. I was telling his sisters about the story. When Luis’s mom went to go get the bottle out of the car to show everyone. Reluctantly I decided to open it even though it would mess up the awesome seal. Of course I couldn’t open it so Luis helped me. Luis only had minutes left as the musicians were eyeing him since they were booked for only a hour. I began unraveling the scroll when I noticed people with their phones. I figured maybe it was because we found something really neat at the beach. It hit me like a ton of bricks. My heart skipped a beat and the tears and giggles were uncontrollable. Slowly I open it and I see a photo of us from our first Christmas together in Hawaii. Luis kneels beside me tugging at his sister for the ring. I am overwhelmed with tears of happiness as he tells me that he has love me since the day he has met me. Without thinking about it I lean in for a kiss before he even ask “Will you marry me?” His hands are cool, his sweet words were perfect and he also started getting teary eyed. It was absolutely the best moment of my life. As he proposed the musicians were playing Over the Rainbow. It was perfectly planned out and sharing that moment with his family meant the world to us. I must admit I was in a state of awe for about ten minutes. He has always made my dreams come true. Our proposal has exceeded all of my dreams. He couldn’t have planned it any better.

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