Kayleigh and Kevin

Image 3 of Kayleigh and Kevin

How We Met

We met in college at NJIT (New Jersey Institute of Technology) in Newark, NJ (Roll Tech!). I am two years older than him and we actually initially met one night when he came on his volleyball recruiting trip. I was on the women’s volleyball team and we would always hang out and party with the men’s team. So that night, we went out and exchanged Snapchats (so millennial haha). Anyway, we didn’t speak, text, or Snapchat for about a year (we basically forgot about each other and I didn’t even know he had signed to play at NJIT). One of the first days everyone was back on campus a few of my teammates and I were invited over to their dorm hall to play games and we officially met then and started talking. All I could think was “DANG he’s cute and I like his arms!”

One of my favorite memories was the day Kev asked me to date him. On October 5, 2014, Kevin and I were in a park in Manhattan named Madison Square Park, just killing time before our scheduled Empire State Building tour. There were a fountain and cafe tables and a live pianist (it was lovely). We walked up to the fountain and I pretended I was in the Lizzie McGuire movie and backward threw a nickel into the fountain while making a wish. We sat at one of the tables near the fountain with the sound of the pianist playing “Your Song” by Elton John in the background. That’s where Kevin asked me to be his boyfriend, yep you read that right, boyfriend. Not only did he ask once but after I asked him to confirm “boyfriend?” he said it two more times after that (talk about nerves!). Obviously I said “yes!” and little did he know that I had wished for us to start dating while throwing that coin into the fountain. Now we are planning our wedding and our first dance song is “Your Song” of course!

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How They Asked

As the old saying goes, “third times a charm”! We met in college (NJIT) and have been together for almost 6 years. Kevin asked me to be my boyfriend (yes boyfriend, he was so nervous!) in Madison Square Park in NYC as a pianist played “Your Song” by Elton John, which is now our song! Fast forward through graduating college, being long distance, moving in together and many other memories brought us to now. He had planned a proposal in that same NYC park and would hire a guitarist to play that same Elton John song that was being played during him asking me out. Unfortunately, due to COVID-19, those plans fell through. We canceled our trip to NY and started quarantining in our Chicago apartment. One day we became so sick of the gloomy Chicago Spring and decided to rent a car, pack up some clothes and our dog, and head to my hometown of Wellington, FL (quite spontaneous). While we were there we saw some beautiful sunrises and sunsets. For one of the sunrises, we planned a small picnic with homemade treats and mimosas. The day arrived and we packed up our picnic equipment and headed out to our spot. Because of all the beach closures, we found a beautiful spot on the side of a quiet street with banyan trees covering the road.

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We dropped off my parents to set up as we went to park the car. As we were walking back to the spot we saw a cop car drive by, I turned to Kevin and asked if we would get in trouble for being there, he said no and we kept walking. As two more cop cars drove by I began to get nervous and a minute later I got a call from my dad. He said, “the cops are here if we don’t pack up and leave we will get arrested”. (WHAT). At this point, Kevin is STRESSED. All this coordination of a picnic and a guitarist was about to fall through. We ended up finding a spot where we could just hang out, without getting kicked out.

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My best friend and her husband met us there and we were taking photos. Randomly, a guy with a guitar case and stand walks by and sets up to play behind us (I thought this was really nice of him, maybe he just wanted to get out of the house haha). Kevin and I are standing under a gorgeous tree, listening to acoustic covers (looking back, at this point he’s about to propose) and a woman walks through wanting to talk to the guitarist to ask what was going on.

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All we heard from her was “Oh My God, I’m SO sorry!” hahaha. Once she left, Kevin got down on one knee to the sound of “Your Song” by Elton John in the background and it was everything I could have asked for. We didn’t see the sunrise, we didn’t have a picnic but it was the most perfect and the best day of my life! And of course, I said “YES!”

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