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How We Met

Hunter and I met in college. Relationships at Radford are hard to come by and even harder to make last, but this one was different. Hunter and I knew of each other from the first day of school, and even had chemistry together one semester, but didn’t become friends until junior year when I asked him to our sorority date party. We had different significant others off and on throughout junior year, but were both recently single and figured we could have a lot of fun going together since a lot of his fraternity brothers were going. After this date party things fizzled out and we got back with our ex’s, but things would never be the same. I couldn’t stop thinking what a fun and nice guy he was, how different he was from anyone I had ever met. Finally summer going into our senior year we were both single again, and the rest is truly history. We started dating, he met my family within 2 months, and if he could put up with them and make it through that weekend, then we could truly make it through anything. Since then we’ve spent 4 years taking on life, from a semester apart when I moved to Charlotte and he finished up school, to two dogs and a house. We’ve come a long way since that junior year date party, and I wouldn’t want anyone else by my side for it all.

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how they asked

We were on our way to Wilmington with our two pups to celebrate our 4 year anniversary. I was looking forward to the relaxing weekend with the dogs. When we arrived I noticed it was a rather large house for just the two of us, but didn’t think too much into it. Hunter asked if I wanted to get ready and watch the sunset. As I was getting ready I noticed he was acting funny, pacing around and looking out the window saying “oh wow the sun is setting fast.” I thought how odd it was Hunter cared so much. Finally once I was ready we walked down to the dock . All of a sudden I heard what I thought was a weedescker and looked up to see a drone in the air. Our friend Nick owns a drone and is always taking videos so I jokingly said, “How funny would it be if we go back to the house and Nick is there with his drone and just came to chill with us all weekend.” Hunter laughed nervously and said “Haha, yeah funny…”

I convinced myself the drone belonged to the lady we were renting the house from since it was a pretty night and she also does weddings at the house. After about 10 minutes it started getting chilly, and while it was a pretty night, there really was no sunset so I started to get a little antsy and Hunter could tell. He was also on his phone a lot and I asked who in the world he was texting. “My work group” he replied. All of a sudden he asked if I wanted my anniversary right then and there. “I may just have it on me right now” he said. He told me to stand up, turn around and close my eyes. When I turned back around all of my dreams came true. Hunter was there on his knee. I was overwhelmed with joy and excitement and tears all at once. The funny part is he never truly asked me ‘the question’ he just sort of looked at me.

Later I found out this was because he got choked up and didn’t want to cry, but he had even practiced the speech on our dog, Kona. As we walk back to the house, I found out it really was our friend Nick on the drone and that more surprises awaited me. Inside of the house was 15 of my closes friends waiting to celebrate our big engagement with us, and this is who Hunter was texting. He had orchestrated all of them getting inside of the house and setting everything up all while we were outside on the dock. He even had my best friend Sara (who skipped two weddings to celebrate this special weekend with me) hide in the bushes to capture pictures. To say this weekend was the best of my life is truly an understatement. I am the luckiest girl in the world to have a fiancé who put this much time and effort to pull something so incredible off.

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