Kayleigh and Chase

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How We Met

We met on Match.com back in May of 2020. A few weeks later, after staying up way to late and eagerly waking up early to see if he messaged me, Chase finally asked me out. We had talked about so many things that before I left I told my twin sister “If we don’t connect or have anything to talk about in person I will be surprised.” I found out shortly later that he told his parents the exact same thing. We went to an Italian restaurant in Fairhope, AL. We were led back to our table where he got there a few minutes before and layed down a white rose… my favorite. We spent 4 hours talking about everything under the moon. We didn’t even realize how late it was until the staff were starting to clean and close. We both were not ready to leave each other just yet so we decided to get in ours cars and drive down to the Fairhope pier. We talked, walked and danced overlooking the Mobile Bay. That moment I got this undescribable feeling of knowing He was the one. After walking, talking and dancing for 2 hours we still weren’t ready to leave. We hoped in his mustang and drove all around Baldwin County for 2 hours. We finally said our goodbyes around 2:00 a.m. the next day and I have been smiling the same ever since.

How They Asked

What I thought was a weekend of helping close friends move in Nashville, TN I later realized that it was actually a surprise trip to Mammoth Cave National Park. My National Park Junkie heart was happy!

We arrived around noon on Friday and immediately drove to the National Park. We drove up to one of the trails called Cedar Sink. We parked, packed a picnic, and set off. We explored for about 3 hours and it was absolutely gorgeous. We went off the beaten path, into a cave and sat and overlooked Kentucky while eating our picnic.

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After the picnic, we went back and hoped in the car. We drove to a cabin that he rented and unpacked. He brought all my favorite snacks and foods for us to eat. I made myself a snack and we decided to go on a sunset hike that was absolutely breathtaking. If you are reading this, you may have thought he had the perfect chance to propose already, but just wait… I promise it is coming. Keep in mind I thought we were still leaving to go help friends move tomorrow.

1.23.21. The Best Day. We woke up, went and got breakfast at a local restaurant, and then geared up for a cave tour. He previously told me that they were all booked to keep me focused on us helping friends move. It was a nice surprise to go on a cave tour!!

Image 1 of Kayleigh and Chase

Chase had spoken with the Park Rangers beforehand and had it all planned out. We took the tour of the Mammoth Passage. We were blown away by the scenery and the history surrounding us. Halfway through the tour, our lead Park Ranger told everyone that we are going to take a pause. This was Chase’s cue. I still didn’t know what was happening until I saw Chase hand his phone over to the other Park Ranger. The Park Ranger started filming, Chase turned me around to where I was facing him and he proposed. The importance of the date is that it is the same forwards and backward. Chase said during his proposal that he wanted to look forward and look backward and see me there beside him.

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Needless to say, we had no idea what the lead Park Ranger was talking about after the remaining 30 mins of the tour. We were on cloud 9, taking photos everywhere we could throughout the cave.

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We got out of the cave, took a selfie with the park rangers that made it all happen, and went on a picnic at the Doleth Overlook. There we had just enough service to call our families and let them in on what just happened. After we ate our picnic, we packed up and went to the cabin to have a fire. There I learned that we weren’t helping friends move at all. We were there to celebrate each other and start our journey to becoming one!

We finished the weekend by going on another tour the next day, where we were able to actually focus on and finally headed home. It was a weekend I will never forget! I am thankful to call this man mine.

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