Kayleigh and Brad

how we met

I met Brad on Facebook, it was so funny because this message popped up from him on my Facebook messenger and when I opened it a meme of Forest Gump was looking at me waving and it said “HEY” I mean I have to admit the Forest Gump was the golden ticket to making me reply back to him, I mean who wouldn’t reply back to a Forest Gump meme?! Lol

how they asked

Brad planned the whole thing and I had absolutely no idea! He told me that we were going to be going on a short hike to look out at this really beautiful view at Craggy Pinnacle and then after that we were going to go to a brewery and get dinner. He called Kayla our wonderful photographer and set everything up with her. When we got to the Pinnacle, Kayla and her friend were there but I just thought she was using her camera to take pictures as they hiked. I had no idea that she was secretly walking behind us and taking pictures! When we reached the top I even asked Kayla if she would take a picture of Brad and I on my phone, that’s how clueless I was! I turned around after Kayla took our picture and started to take a panoramic shot of the mountains, little did I know that Brad is behind me on his knees getting out a ring, I heard him saying my name a few times but I just thought he was wanting me to look at something so I took my time getting my shot of the mountains, he was wanting me to look at something alright!! A ring! I was so shocked when I turned around I almost fell backwards off the mountain! I have never been more surprised and happy in my life! So many emotions were going through me at one time! Brad couldn’t have picked a more beautiful place to propose and Kayla did an absolutely amazing job capturing all the special moments for us that we will be able to cherish for a lifetime.

Special Thanks

Kayla Adams Photography
 | Photography
Craggy Gardens, Blue Ridge Parkway
 | Location