Kaylee and Weston

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How We Met

Weston and I’s paths crossed for the first time in high school. Unfortunately, we didn’t really know each other too well except from being friends on social media. Our first exposure to each other was through our mom’s. One Friday night at a Blue Springs Wildcats Football game, our mom’s ended up passing out programs together. Through their conversation, Weston and I came up. They talked about how they both have kids the same age and wondered if we had met before. That night my mom came home and asked if I knew Weston Mooneyham.

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I responded with, “Of course I know who he is! He’s really hot!”. My mom went on to tell me about how much she loved his mom and that I should message him. A few months went by without any contact whatsoever. Then one day, the week after Easter, I got a message on Facebook from Weston. The message was, “Hey! How do you know Craig Kackley?” It turns out that Weston attended Church of the Four Corners where Craig was the lead pastor.

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He asked this because he had seen that I liked one of Craig’s posts on Facebook. Weston was curious how I knew Craig. He was worried that messaging me would come off as weird. At first, he decided he wouldn’t message me. Later that day, while he was in his room by himself, he felt a strange presence come over him and the strong urge to message me and ask the question anyway. We believe this was God stepping into the picture and introducing us to who he intended us to be with. God’s timing was perfect because Weston and I were both in places in our lives where we were ready for something such as this. We were ready for our number 2 with God as our number 1.

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I quickly replied to Weston’s message explaining to him how Craig was my youth pastor at Crown Pointe and that I actually attended Church of the Four Corners for the past two years. It’s crazy to believe that Weston and I had been attending church together and didn’t even know it. After messaging back and forth for a while, Weston decided to give me his number because he enjoyed talking to me. From then on everything began to move quickly.

Our feelings for each other were growing much stronger with every passing day. We greatly anticipated our first date. He drove home from school on a Friday and we went to dinner and the movies. Everything felt perfect. We both had the feeling that we were where God intended us to be. After the movies, we weren’t ready to say goodbye. We decided to go to Starbucks where we talked for hours until they forced us out so they could close.

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how they asked

After 7 months of dating we knew that we had found whom we were going to spend the rest of our lives with. On October 21st Weston proposed to me! It was absolutely perfect. We went on a date in Joplin, Missouri where we went to the mall and to dinner. When we returned to his house in Pittsburg, he told me to go inside and that he would be right back because he needed to grab a couple of things from the store. To my surprise, a video was pulled up on his TV with a note that said “play me”. The video was a love letter he had wrote to me along with some pictures from the course of our relationship. In the background played the song of what we had chosen for our first dance.

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After I had watched the video, it directed me to walk outside where his roommate was waiting to drive me somewhere special. I was dropped off at a place called Gorilla Village. I walked along a path that took me to a bridge stretching over a pond with fountains. On the other end of the bridge Weston waited for me looking as handsome as ever in his shirt and tie! He began to explain his love for me following with his dropping to one knee.

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I obviously said YES while trying to hold in my excitement and tears. We are so excited to begin our lives together as one on May 13, 2017!

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