Kaylee and Vince

Kaylee's Proposal in Tennis court

How We Met

We met at our local hospital June 2015. I had started a volunteer position in the same area he was a nurse in. The volunteer position was taken for 15 years prior to me starting. At first sight I thought he was the most handsome man I had ever seen. We flirted for a few months and Vince asked me out on a date twice, but I couldn’t go. The third time was a charm. He asked me what my intentions were September 5, 2015 while I was on vacation in Southern California. 4 months later, we were engaged. It has been amazing. Everyday with Vince has been an adventure.

how they asked

It was January 16, 2016. We had plans to go play some tennis, but first I had to go run an errand with my mother (she was in on the whole thing). I was late getting to the tennis courts and Vince told me he would meet me inside. I thought that was so weird, but didn’t think twice about it. As I walked back to the courts, I wondered why it was so dark. I pulled back the curtain and Vince was standing in a heart of rose petals and tea lights. I started to cry and was frozen. He had to tell me to put my stuff down and walk over to him. I didn’t even see the ring because my eyes were so watery. It was the perfect day!!! Now every time I play tennis I think of when Vince proposed.

Special Thanks

Kallie Porter