Kaylee and Steven

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How We Met

Finally! It’s been a long time coming and we could not be happier to start this new chapter of our lives.

Steven and I met in 2016 at a brewery in our home town. I was meeting up with a friend and he was shooting a photography gig for a paint-n-pint night. After playing eye-tag for a while, I finally turned to my friend and said “I don’t know who that is, but I’m going to go and find out.” So I waltz over and teased him about the model of Nikon he was using. We met up for our first date about 2 weeks later and ended up closing the bar down talking for 4 hours! And to think I was so hungover I almost didn’t go…yikes!

At the end of that date, we shared the most perfect first kiss possibly ever recorded, and then we both got in our cars and immediately called our moms!!

Come to find out, even though we didn’t meet until we were 23 and 24 respectively, it turned out that we had attended the and day care, elementary school and high school on and off. We grew up 15 minutes from each other and never met! I’m convinced the timing was fate.

Since then we have been absolutely inseparable. He is my absolute best friend and I have never felt so loved in my life. We have been through 3 moves, 3 pets, 4 job changes, 1 college degree, 1 mortgage, lots of traveling, 2 major surgeries for my chronic illness…and about a million more trials and adventures. I couldn’t imagine spending my life with anyone else!

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How They Asked

After being harassed by both of our families for the last year or two he finally bought a ring and started making plans to propose. We went out of town last week to celebrate our 4th anniversary. We were supposed to be in Mexico, but that was canceled due to Covid-19. We salvaged the occasion with a road trip to one of our very favorite places – the Olympic National Forest. We ended up spending 2 nights at the Historic Lake Quinault Lodge which is breathtaking!

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Funny enough, that isn’t where the proposal happened. In true form for our relationship, our proposal was a bit unconventional. We were in the car on the long drive back home to our puppy, I was staring out the window while he drove and we were talking about our favorite parts of our trip like we do every time.

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Steven said how grateful he was for the trip I planned and how blessed we are with such a beautiful life. I was staring out the window and chatting along like normal when he said “I never want to go anywhere. Will you promise not to go anywhere either?”When I turned my head to tell him “of course I’m not going anywhere” and how crazy he is…I noticed an open ring box sitting on my knee and immediately screamed and covered my eyes. If I couldn’t see the ring it wasn’t real…right??

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Once I admitted it was finally happening I squealed a “Yes” out and started crying. We got to spend the first few blissful hours of our engagement driving in the car together with our cellphones dead. The only two people in the world who knew our little secret. We finally made it back to town and stopped for a celebratory drink so I could kiss him properly and we could snap a couple of photos. Steven is the only man I know that could pull off a complete surprise proposal at 60 miles an hour on the freeway without actually asking me to marry him or getting down on one knee. Looking back at the photos I can see the ring box in his vest pocket and can’t believe I missed it! I am beyond excited to be his wife. Cheers!

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