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How We Met

Max’s version – Mine & Kaylee’s story starts with a picture. Kaylee’s relatives have a vacation home next to my parents’ house and when I came home from college one Christmas break, Marla’s Christmas present to me was Kaylee’s senior picture. Both Kaylee & I went to the University of Idaho so Marla thought I should reach out to Kaylee & introduce myself. I messaged Kaylee right away but apparently telling her, “I know you don’t know me but I have a picture of you and I think you’re cute” is not the best pick up line. Over the next 6 months I consistently tried to pursue Kaylee. I worked with one of her sorority sisters & constantly talked about my crush on Kaylee. My persistence finally paid off & Kaylee was willing to give me a chance but by this time we were both home from college & about 4 hrs away from each other. We got to know each other through text over that summer break (I of course had to text her first every single one of those days). The day we both got back to Moscow we went on our very first date. From that day forward, we have been inseparable. We still laugh about our crazy story but I am thankful everyday for that picture I got one snowy day.

how they asked

Kaylee’s version – I am obsessed with Christmas. I love all the cookies, the movies, the family time, the snow, and, most of all, the lights. Knowing this, Max planned a trip for us to visit the famous Christmas town, Leavenworth, to experience the Christmas Lighting Festival. We drove up during the day on December 10th. We checked into our hotel that was about 30 minutes away from Leavenworth and Max made sure that I was dressed warm and “ready to take lots of pictures” in front of the Christmas lights. We had to make it through 3 miles of traffic and find a parking spot somewhere with thousands of other people but fate was on our side & we made it to the lights with 5 minutes to spare. I could hardly contain my excitement as we walked into the HUGE group of people also waiting to see the famous lights.

The snow, light parade, and countdown to all the street lights kept me distracted while Max stood behind me diligently planning our next surprise. The street lit up and the whole crowd cheered. I couldn’t believe how beautiful all the lights were. What came next, though, put all those lights to shame. Max told me that he had a surprise planned and I just needed to follow him. We started walking all over the little town, trying to weave in and out of all of the other excited people. After a few minutes, we managed to escape the crowd and wander into a winter wonderland filled with only the two of us. We walked down a hill towards a gorgeous creek.

The path we followed eventually led us around a corner where I saw a candle lit pathway to a small halo of candles and two lit hearts on a shrub next to the creek. It was so beautiful that I just thought it was another light display made in Leavenworth. I was in total shock when Max took my hand and said that these lights were actually made for me. We walked up the pathway & I admired all the little candles, which were all individually lit. We got up to the circle & Max turned to face me. He nervously asked me if I liked it. I said that I loved it and he responded, “Well, you know that I love you, right? And that I want to spend the rest of your life with you?” At this point, the tears were falling so all I could sneak in was a “yes.” He got down on one knee & pulled out a box he had been hiding in his pocket all day. He looked up at me, opened the box and asked, “Will you marry me?”

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I of course said “yes, yes, yes” and took off my glove to let him slide on my new gorgeous ring. As he was putting my ring on, I noticed someone walk up to us with a camera. It wasn’t until she got closer to the lights when I realized that she was actually my FAVORITE wedding videographer, Tina Miller. Before our engagement, Max had to watch Tina’s videos with me way too many times to count because I was so in love with all of her work. When I realized it was Tina, everything hit me; the proposal, the ring, my favorite videographer being there to film it all, & the fact that we were actually getting married. I have never been so happy in my life. Max took everything that I loved and incorporated it into the most romantic proposal. I couldn’t be more excited to marry the man of my dreams.
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