Kaylee and Kirk

How We Met

We first met on a date at a place called Main Event- this place has bowling, laser tag, arcade games, and a bar. I was there with some friends one night and we happened to be bowling next to each other and started talking!

How They Asked

MAJOR SURPRISE! Back story- I LOVE Christmas and had mentioned to Kirk that something on my bucket list was going to the Rockefeller Christmas Tree during Christmas to see all the lights. In July for my birthday I opened a gift from him and inside was a large book titled The Christmas Tree At The Rockefeller Center. Instant tears and I looked at him with a confused look and that’s when he said that we were going for a 5 day Christmas getaway. During our planning process he asked if I wanted to go to a nice dinner while we were there, get dressed up and have wine and steak- of course I said yes and while sitting directly next to me making our reservation instead of making our reservation for 2 he made it for 5. We went on a cruise with my parents in November and that is where he had asked both my dad and mom for permission as well as asking if they would be interested in flying to New York for the proposal, they of course said yes to all of it! Kirk reached out to Hallie who he knew from their back home small town high school and ended up flying her to New York as well for the proposal. Hallie then met up with one of Kirk’s best friend George who happened to live in New York. I had suggested that we try to meet up with George while we were in town and maybe he could meet us at the tree and take our picture- falling of course right into the plan. George had conveniently wanted to do his Christmas shopping in town the same night as our reservations so of course it made sense for him to meet us by the tree. George had already had Hallie and my parents in place while he suggested a good photo spot since he was a local. Kirk had warned George that I always check the picture so to go ahead and take one, let me check it and then swap it to video while Hallie was behind him taking the actual photos. So, of course.. he took the pictures, I checked it and then Kirk dropped to his knee. My parents walked out from behind Hallie and it was the most perfect, thought-out proposal I could have ever imagined.



Special Thanks