Kaylee and Kevin

How We Met

Kevin and I have been good friends since high school. Because we both stayed home for college, we stayed close friends. In December 2014, I asked him if he would be my date to the Meadowbrook ball that Oakland University hosts at the mansion every year. I asked him to go just as friends and he said yes. Little did I know, I was asking my future husband!

how they asked

Kevin asked me if I wanted to go to the Meadowbrook Mansion to take some pictures when he got off work. We go out and explore new places and take photos a lot, but I thought it was so random that he wanted to go to the mansion! When we got there, I was in for a huge surprise. We came around a corner and there was an adorable picnic set up underneath the most beautiful tree right next to the mansion. I knew immediately what was happening and I was in shock! The love of my life asked me to be his forever and I said YES!

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