Kaylee and Jay

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How We Met

It all started 3 years ago when I saw Jay in a bar. I walked by him 3 times giving him the “look” and nothing! Finally I went up to him and forced him to take a shot with me. He then met my dad (who I was out with), and I later forced him into taking selfies with me. The next morning, I woke up at home feeling like a fool. But a few days later, he actually texted me and asked me out! I was shocked.

Our first date we found out how truly weird and random we both were and at that moment I knew I liked this one. The years went by, heart shaped pizza every Valentine’s Day, concerts out of town every birthday and so many adventures in between. It’s been about 6 months living together now (with our two fur children) having the best time.

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how they asked

So aside from my 9-5, I model, and I try to drag him into it as much as possible. We did a fake wedding months ago and they were beautiful! We planned a fake engagement shoot that was going to be beautiful! We get there and get going, doing all the cutest poses. I saw a shape in his pocket and said, ”you really didn’t take that money out of your pocket?? Take it out!” It was the ring haha but he said,”my hands in my pocket it will be fine! So we continued to pose. The photographers then told us to do whatever pose we felt like. So I got weird. I did The Titanic, I twerked a little, I showed off the santa boxers I was wearing under my dress.. I had both of his hands and was dancing all over and he grabbed my shoulders and smiled at me. He then said,”I bet you thought this was just a photoshoot huh?” I said,”yeah.” With a smile but confusion, and he got on his knee! I couldn’t stop smiling. After saying yes then next words were,”you little rascal!” It was the best day and now I have beautiful pictures of that moment forever!

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Special Thanks

Melissa Brannon
 | Photographer
Miranda Munoz
 | Photographer