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How We Met

Jamie, my fiancé, and I met in high school (we were both in the same math class), he likes to say that he had a crush on me since he first laid eyes on me, but I was absolutely not interested until much much later. He would ask me to hang out on MSN Messenger and I clearly remember telling him that “I don’t hang out with people from school” and that was that. While we would hang out at lunch and he would buy me McDonald’s and cafeteria food I never looked at him as anything other than a really sweet friend that I got along well with. That all changed the summer before grade 11 when Jamie came into my place of work (the local grocery store) with his mom and he spotted me (in all of my hair net glory). He decided to come over and say hi! I remember giving him a huge hug and and that he looked different…really good. I later forgot about our encounter until grade 11 started and I was stuck in a gym class where I knew no one. I wasn’t great at making friends back then and so I was thrilled to see that Jamie was in the gym class just opposite from me (he also had a great tan since he’d just come back from Florida and his puka shell necklace was so darn stylish!). We started hanging out during every gym break and soon enough our friendship blossomed into a romance which blossomed into love and we never looked back.

how they asked

Saturday December 17th was quite literally the best day of our lives (aside from adopting Milo, of course) and what made it even better was that it was the most normal day ever….aka I was not expecting this to happen AT ALL. I’m a blogger so the day that Jamie proposed started out like most of our days, shooting outfit photos. The night before (Friday) I had asked Jamie if he could pick me up early because the weather was going to get severe in the afternoon and I wanted to shoot Mondays outfit post (I was behind) as soon as possible. He happily agreed and picked me up at around 10:30 that morning. Because my sisters and myself also wanted to go to the Wishbook pop-up shop that day, they asked us if they could meet us downtown with my mom after we were finished shooting (my mom and my sisters had no idea this was going down).

After Jamie and I were finished taking photos we ducked in to Weird Harbour coffee to wait for my mom and sisters to arrive and to warm up. We had the small coffee shop mostly to ourselves and while we were drinking our coffees we were making small talk with the awesome owner and shooting even more photos. When the photos were complete it started snowing so we spent a few minutes just staring out the window watching the cars on the street pass by. Jamie was rubbing my back and kissing my head and it was just a really romantic coffee date but nothing out of the ordinary.

I asked Jamie if he would want to take a photo together when my sister arrived and he said absolutely before deciding that he needed to run out for a minute. While Jamie was gone my mom and sisters arrived and got their coffees to-go. Jamie was taking a while so I ended up calling him to say that we’d just meet him at the pop-up shop. My mom, sisters and myself met up with Jamie who was holding a bouquet of the most beautiful flowers, which again didn’t make me suspicious because he is ALWAYS doing romantic things like that. I just figured because we were having such a lovely day that he was being a big mush.

Once we were all together we headed into the pop-up shop. We just browsed around the store admiring all the beautiful things and Jamie was acting completely normal, even though he will admit he was freaking out on the inside waiting for the perfect moment to pop the question. After Wishbook we wanted to pick up some flowers for my grandma back at The Flower Shop, so we started walking over and I told Jamie I wanted some photos of us and of my flowers, and my mom told my sisters and I that she too would like some family photos (none of this was Jamies doing). We snapped some shots of my family together and then Jamie and I. After about a minute of snapping couples photos I assumed that we were done and went to walk away but Jamie gently grabbed my arm and pulled me back. The next thing I knew my high school sweetheart and the love of my life was down on one knee asking me to marry him.

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I was in complete and udder shock, while my sister Rae was snapping her little heart out. It took me a minute to figure out what was going on but after I realized that this was really happening I leaped on Jamie smiling, crying, yelling…I don’t even know.

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I didn’t even say yes or let him put the ring on my finger until my mom chimed in (what else are mothers for?). I was so full of emotions that I don’t think I could ever put it into words. Jamie gave me the biggest surprise of my life and in an instant made me happier than I had ever been which I didn’t think was possible because he already makes me so dang happy.

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