Kaylee and Derek

How We Met

Derek and I met when we were 12 while in 4-H showing sheep and cattle in Minnesota. We began dating in 2010 at age 13. We did not go to the same school or even live in the same town, but we made it work! Fast forward to college and we started living together. After 8 years of dating, Derek decided it was time to seal the deal and propose!

How They Asked

We went to college at the University of Minnesota Crookston, where we were both very involved in the agriculture department. We both worked in the livestock barns and assisted in various livestock activity days. December 7th, 2018 was one of those activity days, Ag and Natural Resources Day (ANRAD) high school students would come and judge the livestock as the college students showed the animals.

After the students left Derek and many other UMC students worked together to get me out of the arena while they set up the sheep and painted “will ewe marry me” on their side. (A ewe is a female sheep). Derek is a sheep farmer and is obsessed with his sheep so it was only fitting that he used sheep to ask me to marry him. Many many students were there to take pictures and video.

Our Video

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