Kaylee and Daniel

How We Met

We met at church when I was in the 4th grade. Daniel was always the sweet green-eyed boy who didn’t really talk to girls much. I had a BIG crush on him in 6th grade and my friend even made up a song about us. The summer before high school, we started spending time together as friends. One day, we spent the whole day together at a friend’s house, making tie-dye shirts and watching a Nicholas Sparks movie. He pulled me aside after the movie and affirmed all of these sweet things about me and asked me if I wanted to date. Even though we were young, our relationship was always intentional. We wrote letters to each other but after three years, our boxes of letters were overflowing. So we bought the journal. For every birthday, holiday, hard time, or a special date, we would write a letter to the other person and they would keep the journal until the next milestone. Even when I went away to college, we’d exchange the journal at every visit.

How They Asked

The summer before my senior year of college, Daniel and I planned a summer vacation to visit his sister in Utah. We were on a hike in Bryce Canyon when Daniel asked if we could take a water break. Instead of his water bottle, he pulled out the journal. At the end of the entry, he wrote “so I have a question for you…” and he got down on one knee and asked me to spend forever with him!

That same green-eyed boy who told me all of those beautiful things back in middle school will now be my husband and I couldn’t be luckier. Here’s to many more journal entries with my love.

Special Thanks

Bethany Brown
 | Photographer