Kaylee and Bruno

Image 1 of Kaylee and Bruno Felberg

How We Met

We actually met on a dating website. We connected immediately after we started talking and went on our first date shortly after that.

How They Asked

He had taken me to a winery that day and we had wanted to dress up to take pictures. We bought a bottle of wine for my grandparents and decided to drop it off to them before heading back to my apartment. Once we got to their house, he disappeared saying he had to do something. I walked out to the back deck of my grandparents house to see all of my close friends and family standing in the backyard. There standing in the clearing was Bruno holding roses and smiling at me. I walked down to meet him and saw heart shaped balloons in the yard. He gave me the flowers and dropped down on one knee to ask me. Once I said yes my brother hit a switch and fireworks started shooting into the sky. Afterwards we were greeted by our friends and family and took pictures. To end the night we enjoyed champagne and had a toast to our future.