Kaylee and Andy

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How We Met

I was sitting in a marketing class in my junior year of college when a tall, dark haired, sharp dressed, studious-looking man in glasses walked in. The teacher asked us to introduce ourselves to three students. Being shy, I avoided walking over to say hi to the cute guy I saw and talked to all the girls I knew.

Later in the day, Andy approached me having realized we had three classes together and tactfully suggested we exchange numbers in order to study. We started texting here and there, lighthearted conversations (he gave me a resume of references over text- it was pretty impressive ;).

I asked him what he was passionate about in life and he answered, “the Spanish guitar.”

“Oh, you play?”

“Oh no, I don’t.”

The witty text messages shortly turned into after class coffee dates. I liked him so much that I texted him a week later, “I’m bored and I think you can fix that” and he told me to be ready in thirty minutes with boots and a bathing suit in tow. He insisted on meeting my father at the door, and picked me up in his parent’s suburban, feeling his own car wasn’t suitable enough. He ended up blaring a song featuring the Spanish guitar and danced for me. It was goofy and I was falling for it.

We ended up touring his parent’s bakery that day. I’d always loved baking since I was a little girl and it felt magical to me. We ended the night sneaking into the Phoenician, talking late into the night while staring at the stars. When I got home I called my best friend and told her that I had met the man of my dreams.

Weeks later I found out that Andy had booked a Valentine’s Day dinner at Flemmings the first time he met me. I grew up eating pizza for special occasions so this was way out of the ordinary.

I was caught off by how natural it was to be around him. After a few weeks we were inseparable. I had never met anyone else so kind hearted, funny, or thoughtful. Andy asked if he could learn to second shoot with me for my company @kayleeChelseaPhotography, which led to him tagging along to every shoot and traveling for destination weddings.

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On April 25th, he wrote me a card expressing that he adored me and at the end wrote, “I love you Kaylee.” I was falling madly in love with this sweet boy from class and knew one day I wanted to marry him.

After 18 months together, we’ve road-tripped to country music, gone on countless photo-shoots, danced in the kitchen to Louis Armstrong, thrifted at our favorite spots, ridden quads through the mountains, shot multiple weddings, talked about everything imaginable, survived finals, graduated college, and backpacked through Europe.

how they asked

July 14th I woke up from a dream that Andy proposed to me on a mountaintop. Overly excited and slightly freaking out, I called my friend Akosua and told her I needed to find an outfit for the date he had planned that night (just in case).

Throughout the day, Andy kept texting and calling me to make sure I knew when to come and what to bring. 4:30 finally rolled around and I met him at the bakery like we had planned. I hopped in his car and we ended up at the Phoenician. After two hours of relaxing by the pool, Andy said it was time to get dressed up for the next part of our date. We drove to the top of Camelback Mountain (one of my favorite spots in Arizona).

Andy told me that he had asked my dad for my hand in marriage and that he was so madly in love with me. Within seconds, he was down on one knee asking if he could “Love me forever.”

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Our hearts were both beating so fast and our hands were shaking. I said, “Yes!!” and he put his grandma’s vintage ring on my finger and the next thing I knew he was hugging and kissing me.

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Photography is a huge part of our lives so picking someone to photograph our engagement was huge. So incredibly thankful that Ryann Lindsey Photography was there to capture every moment so beautifully.

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We then drove to Flemmings where we celebrated with dinner, champagne and truffles (oh my goodness….it was so delicious!). Our proposal was everything I had ever hoped it would be, absolutely perfect.

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To my future husband: Andy Ogan, ever since I met you I fell in love with everything about you. In less then two years, you have completely captivated me. We share so many beautiful moments and there are still so many more to come. I had lost hope in finding a man of God until He brought you into my life. Thank you for taking care of my heart with patience and humility. I know that without a doubt that God planned our love story. Thank you for teaching me how to cook, surprising me with the best adventures, and making every day something to look forward to. I cannot wait to spend the rest of my life with you. You make every goodnight kiss the sweetest and that much more worth waiting for the next day. – Kaylee Myers.

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