Kaylah and Cameron

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How We Met

Cameron and I first met at a party held by a mutual friend in 2007 at NC State University. I was going to college in Charlotte, NC at the time but many of my friends were attending NC State and I would often travel to see them on the weekends. He and I were both dating people at the time we met so it was nothing more than a friendship. Over the next few years we saw each other occasionally at get-togethers but it never went beyond friendship. Upon graduating from college, Cameron went on to optometry school in Philadelphia and I continued my education in Charlotte, NC.

Then in 2013, Cameron moved to Salisbury, NC to complete his final rotation for optometry school. In October 2013 I received a Facebook message from Cameron explaining that he had moved to NC and wanted to take me out for coffee if I was available. We both were not in relationships by this point so of course I immediately said yes. The next day we met in Charlotte, NC for coffee and the chemistry was immediate and we knew something special was there. We have been together ever since.

how they asked

Cameron and I both share the same love for the city of Charleston, SC but we had never visited the city as a couple. So naturally I was very excited when he told me he had planned a surprise trip to Charleston shortly after we celebrated our 2 year anniversary.

The day we arrived in Charleston, he asked me what I wanted to do first. I immediately said I wanted to go to stunning White Point Gardens at The Battery. Normally, the park is filled with people and it is impossible to get a photo without a stranger in the background but on this day, there was NO ONE in the park. We took full advantage of this and began taking photos and walking through the park. Once we got to the gazebo in the middle of the park, I began taking photos of the surroundings when suddenly my camera stopped working. When I turned around to ask Cameron if he could help me fix it, there he was on his knee! I immediately burst into tears, ran into his arms and said YES!

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