Kayla and Scott

How We Met

It was Summer 2013, Scott had recently moved back to New York City after living in Ireland since he was 7 years old. Kayla was living in New York City and working at Soho House New York as the Assistant Front Office Manager. Scott got a job through his dad renovating Soho House’s rooms. When the renovations were over, he was given a job as a Bellman. Kayla was now Scott’s Boss! Their relationship was purely platonic and neither of them looked at each other as anything other than colleagues. Fast forward to October 2013, Kayla had planned a night of team building for her co-workers- bowling at Chelsea Piers. Everyone from the Front Office team was there, including Scott. Scott was wearing skinny jeans and a white t-shirt and for the first time Kayla noticed how good looking he was.

It was about 2:00 AM and Scott had missed the last train back to Long Island. Kayla’s friend and boss, Pia, knowing this information suggested that Scott crash on Kayla’s couch. Kayla agreed as she did not want to let one of her co-workers be stranded in Penn Station until the first train in the morning. Once home, Kayla changed into some hideous pajamas and put on Finding Nemo for the two to watch. They sat up talking and shared their first kiss. It was honestly one of those kisses that people describe as explosive with fireworks in the background. Kayla and Scott were forever changed by that kiss.

Kayla's Proposal in At Kayla's Mom's house in West Chester, Pennsylvania

how they asked

In 2014, Kayla was offered an amazing job in Los Angeles. Scott decided to go with her and they moved in together July of 2014. In October of that same year they learned that they were going to have a baby. Although not planned, it was the happiest news they both had received. After having their son, Lincoln, Scott and Kayla knew that they wanted to raise their son away from the craziness of Hollywood, Los Angeles. So they packed their Hyundai Tuscon, sold everything that didn’t fit in the car and on April 15th 2016, they left. For the next two months they spent time on the east coast, Scott working with his dad in New York and Kayla spending time with her family in Pennsylvania. On May 2nd 2016, while Scott was in Pennsylvania for the weekend he woke up early with Lincoln and let Kayla sleep in.

While he was downstairs with Kayla’s Mom, Lisa, he asked her for the ring that had been set aside for Kayla. He told her how much he loved Kayla and how much he wanted to marry her. The ring belonged to Kayla’s great grandmother, Eva MeCluskey and for as long as Kayla could remember it was the ring that she wanted to be proposed to, with. Later that day, Kayla was busy preparing dinner in the kitchen with Lisa while Scott was in the basement – Kayla assumed he was playing his favorite computer game, League of Legends. She called down to let Scott know dinner was ready and he asked her to come downstairs. She came downstairs reluctantly. When she got down stairs, Scott asked her to come closer. Which she did thinking he wanted to show her something on the computer.

That’s when Scott grabbed her hand. Kayla immediately got nervous and started to ask repeatedly what he was doing. While Macklemore’s “Same Love” played in the background, Scott got down on one knee and gushed his heart out to Kayla. He told her how she was the most amazing mother and that he wanted to build a family with her. Kayla of course said yes. When Kayla and Scott walked upstairs, Lisa pulled out a bottle of Demorgenzon champagne (Kayla’s favourite vineyard in South Africa) and they celebrated the engagement.

Special Thanks

Lisa McBeth | 
Gave Scott Kayla's Great Grandmothers Ring