Kayla and Craig

How We Met

We met one brisk night in October 2015 when I took a chance and drove to Craig’s apartment in Astoria, Queens. He recently moved into this apartment on the water overlooking the RFK bridge. That bridge shinned brighter than anything I’ve ever seen before. We were both nervous that night but that didn’t stop him from walking across the room with this hunger in his eyes that I’ve never seen in anyone else before. He then kissed me and I knew from that moment on I would do anything to kiss this man for the rest of my life.

Kayla Dawn's Proposal in Cherry Hill Fountain New York, New York

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Cherry Hill Fountain New York, New York

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Craig told me he wanted to take me out for a surprise date so he picked out my outfit & told me to get a blowout at my favorite salon & then into NYC we went. After a subway ride from Washington Heights down to 59th Street we arrived in Central Park where I still had no idea what we were doing. We then walked a little deeper into the park where there was a beautiful royal blue horse & carriage waiting for us & Craig said, “this is us.” He helped me onto the carriage where a blue blanket & a red rose awaited me.

We enjoyed our ride through Central Park learning about all the historic landmarks. When we arrived at the Cherry Hill Fountain our driver said let’s get off & take some pictures. After taking a few pictures Craig said, “I have a present for you” & handed me something wrapped. When I opened it, it was a police shield that said Officer’s Fiancée, when I looked up he was down on his knee asking me to marry him.

After I said yes, he put the ring on my finger & when I could finally see through the tears I saw our personal photographer who took us through Central Park capturing the most beautiful day of our lives thus far. I am still speechless at the thoughtfulness and specialness of his proposal. I will forever remember the lengths he went to on January 20, 2018 to make me the happiest woman on earth. 

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