Kayla and Chandler

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How We Met: We actually met through my sister and her boyfriend (now husband) at the time. My sister had long been friends with Chandler because of her boyfriend, Brandon. Chandler and Brandon are best friends. Once Chandler found out she had a sister and saw a picture of me, he made it a priority to meet me. The first time we met was at Brandon’s house for his birthday. I sheepishly said hi to Chandler, the man I would soon fall in love with, in the doorway. He was such a dreamy guy; the one I had always wished to date, but never thought existed. The day passed by and as we were watching a movie that night, I knew he kept stealing glances at me. At the end of the movie, everyone was asleep but us, so he invited me outside to talk. I nervously accepted. He grabbed his guitar and I thought, “oh no, this guy is about to full out serenade me.” haha. He assured me it was simply to fill the awkward silences in conversation because he knew I was shy. By the end of our conversation, he asked me out on a date and I accepted. For four months we proceeded to learn all about each other until he truly asked me to be his girlfriend.

how they asked: This is not the typical engagement story, but it sure is memorable. Two years flew by and we were celebrating our two year anniversary on August 4th of last year. I had no idea about the plans since I love surprises. One of our first stops was a store. He told me to pick out an outfit for later, preferably a dress. So he bought me a lovely autumn dress, which I believed was for dinner. We began our day heading to Ikea since I had never been. Driving down the highway in the ever-present Atlanta traffic, we swerved to miss a piece of scrap tire on the road. In a blink of an eye, a much larger piece was flung up into the passengers side of our windshield by the car in front of us. Shattering the window, we pulled over to wait for a cop so a report could be taken down. Not the best way to start such a day, but we pressed on. While waiting in a parking lot to switch cars with his mom, Chandler pulled out a gift for me to turn the day around. A wooden box with a clock on the front and the words “Though time goes on, our love will last forever.” On the inside, “August 4, 2014” A memory box, the inside date completely went past me since he gives me gifts all the time. Once we got his moms car we decided against Ikea and went to Atlantic Station to walk around and eat sweets to pass the time. We then left and as he pulled into Piedmont Park, I thought maybe we were doing a picnic in the park or something like that. He of course had greater plans. He told me he had set up a photoshoot with his friend Jensen since I had been wanting a couples shoot for a while. To say I was excited was an understatement. So I changed into my new dress and we went to take photos. We took a few photos and then Jensen told me to stand in front of him and he will be out of focus and I’ll be in focus and then we would switch. I thought it would be an odd photo, but hey…she was the photographer, not me. So she snapped a couple photos like that and told us to switch. I turned around to my love down on one knee holding out a ring. I completely froze. I had no idea at all this was going to happen! Being a few feet apart, he told me to “come here for a second.” I laughed because I forgot to even walk towards him I was in so much shock. He had the sweetest little speech prepared (half of which he says he forgot), and he got to “I have a question for you…” Before he could ask I blurted out yes! So he said, “I have to ask first” and just smiled. He asked me to marry him, and I said YES, twice! The photos posted are from that moment. Though we could not go to dinner afterwards as planned, our car was broken into and our stuff stolen, I look back on that moment standing in the park in complete shock and excitement and realize how absolutely perfect it was.

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Photography by Jensen Walter