Kayla and Cameron

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How We Met

We met our freshman year of college while we were living in the same dorms. We actually met because I started dating Kayla’s roommate which obviously didn’t last long. Kayla at the time was dating a mutual friend of ours as well so we would at times go on double dates. As the semester ended, so did those respective relationships and we would only see each other occasionally around campus. It wasn’t until July 3rd when our relationship began to change. At this time, I was home in California and hadn’t seen or spoken to Kayla in about a month, but on that warm summer night I looked down at my ringing phone to see her name light up. This out of the blue phone call of course surprised me and I was hesitant to answer the phone. I reluctantly answered and immediately could tell something was wrong. Tearfully, Kayla explained to me that she needed life advice and had the thought to call me. We have talked everyday since then. The friend that started as a girl who needed a listening ear became the love of my life. As the school year started, so a new chapter began in our lives. And with every crazy adventure we found ourselves becoming the best of friends. As we continued to date it was easy to see that Kayla was who I was meant to spend the rest of my life with. It was so easy to fall in love with the girl that makes life worth living.

how they asked

For the proposal, I asked my friend Chad if he would help me with a surprise proposal by putting together a photo-shoot where Kayla and I would be the models. She had absolutely no idea that there was another reason for this photo-shoot other than taking pictures for Chad’s website. I had convinced her that Chad had planned and organized the whole thing. At this point she still didn’t know that I’d talked to her father or that I had even bought a ring. She was completely in the dark. At the photo-shoot we spent the first 30 minutes or so posing like you would at any other photo-shoot and were enjoying having our pictures taken.

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Chad had his friend Jared help video record it as well so it seemed like a professional photo-shoot. At one point, Chad had us pose so that we were somewhat separated with our backs to each other. He was going to count to 3 and then wanted us to turn around, walk toward each other, and embrace in a hug.

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Once he got Kayla situated, he came back to me and handed me the ring that he was holding in his pocket the whole time. It was at this point that the butterflies went crazy in my stomach! I’ve never felt more nervous in my life! As Chad started counting I walked over to Kayla and as she turned around she saw me on one knee with the ring.

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The look of complete surprise on her face will be one that I will never forget.

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I proposed to the girl of my dreams and she said YES! The moment was priceless and so beautiful. I’m so excited to be able to spend forever with this amazing girl!

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Special Thanks

Chad Shehee
 | Chad took all of the photos and helped organize the shoot.