Kayla and Zack

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How We Met

I was visiting my parents in California over the holidays and decided to browse Bumble and maybe grab a drink with someone just to get out of the house for a bit. I came across this guy who I thought was cute and we matched. We started talking and I found out that he was originally from Toronto, Canada which was where I was living for the past 7 years. I came to find out that he moved out to the LA area 7 years ago for work. When it was time to finally meet (which we found out later that we actually both didn’t really want to leave the house that night but decided to anyway because we were both Canadian and what harm could a drink do) we ended up having an amazing night.

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Drinks turned into dinner and then the night ended with a kiss. We ended up spending the rest of my vacation with each other and he met my family right away. We knew from that night that it was fate and we were meant to meet. We did long distance for a few months and I ended up moving to California in May. Fast forward to September and we are engaged!

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how they asked

Zack had bought us tickets to see Thomas Rhett in San Diego. He knew that Thomas was one of my favorite artists and surprised me with a VIP package where Thomas performs a private intimate concert before the big show for about 100 people. Thomas and his band had just finished performing one of their new songs from his album and he asked the audience if there was a Zack in the crowd. My Zack went up on stage and at that point I had no idea what was going on. Thomas said to Zack “I hear you want to sing a song or something” and Zack responded actually I have a question for you, just kidding I have a question for someone else.”

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Then they called me up onto the stage and Zack got down on one knee and proposed to me while the band played in the background. After Thomas said congratulations to us, him and his band played their hit song “Die a Happy Man.” I still cannot believe this happened and can’t get off of cloud nine.

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