Kayla and Vernon

How We Met

We met in a bar in DC. I was freshly out of college and still trying to find myself in my career. He was newly out of a 15+ relationship, had just moved to DC for work and had no intention on dating seriously anytime soon. I was with my girlfriends, he was with his buddies and he came right up to me (respectfully as ever) and shook my hand and asked me what my name was. We only spoke for about 10 minutes before my girlfriends were ready to go. He hesitated to exchange numbers, you could tell this was something he hadn’t done in a while. But we exchanged numbers, and I didn’t hear from him for a week. I was bummed. Finally a week later, he texts and asks if I want to go out with him. The rest is history.

How They Asked

We were in Ocean City, Maryland for what I was told to be his friends All White attire party. We walked the beach for a couple of blocks to this “all white party” when I heard the sound of airplanes. I didn’t glance the first time because I assumed it was one of those airplanes that fly by every 5 minutes with an ad attached to the tail end. This was not that, this plane had skydivers jumping from it. People then started to look up and point towards the sky where I had no choice but to now look.

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Ocean City, MD

Kayla and Vernon's Engagement in Ocean City, MD

I didn’t realize what was happening until the divers were about 20 feet from the ground. 5 divers landed directly in front of us. Vernon’s grip on my hand got tighter, so then I finally said: “this is happening”. After they landed, they ran up to us and took off their jackets, their shirts read “Kayla Will You Marry Me?”

Kayla's Proposal in Ocean City, MD

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Ocean City, MD

He then got down on one knee, said sweet things, and nervously put the ring on my finger. My family ran out afterward to greet me. After that, I was quickly swiped away to our hotel to find a white and pink dress, and a glam squad ready to do me up.

Still, in shock, I asked no questions. I assumed we were meeting my parents for dinner. Boy, was I wrong again! He threw me an all-white attire, surprise engagement party and invited 30 of our closest friends and family. What a day to remember.

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