Kayla and Tyler

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How We Met

Tyler and I grew up in neighboring towns and met when we were in high school in 2007; I was a sophomore and he was a junior. We talked, but never dated. After high school we lost contact, but one day in 2011 he called me and asked me to hang out. Since then it’s been history!!

how they asked

May 12, 2017 was our 5 year anniversary, I woke up like any other day and did some errands. Throughout the day Tyler kept calling and facetiming me, but I didn’t think anything of it. Around lunch time he informed me that we were gonna go out to dinner at one of our favorite places, Top of the Park, but first we were gonna stop by our best friends house, Billy and Alyssa to see our godson, Hunter. Later on around 3 o’clock Tyler came to my house, hung for a little while then we went to Billy and Alyssa’s. When we got there Billy wasn’t home yet. Shortly after when he got home they asked if we wanted to go to this park and lake that are in town with Hunter for a little before our dinner reservations.

As we were leaving Tyler got a phone call from his dad asking him to come home and help with something real quick (little did I know this was all apart of the plan). When we got to the park Billy, Alyssa and I were all taking pictures of Hunter. A few minutes later Billy said “I think your anniversary gift is here!” When I turned around I saw Tyler walking down the hill with a dozen purple roses (my favorite) and a golden retriever puppy!

I’ve always wanted one and Tyler and I decided when that day would come we would name the puppy Guinness. When I saw him I instantly started crying. I could not believe Tyler bought me a puppy!!

After about 10 minutes of playing with him Tyler was telling me that he brought him to the vet and already got his name tag and for me to look at it. That is a moment I’ll never forget. There was a red, heart tag and it said “Will you marry me?” I continued to cry, happy tears! Tyler had to pick me up off the ground and then he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. Of course I said yes!!

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After Tyler proposed we left the park and went to drop Guinness off at his house so that we could go to dinner. When we got to his house and walked in his backyard, both of our families were standing on the deck to congratulate us. To my surprise we weren’t going to dinner, our families had food catered, a cake and gifts for us. You could feel the love! Now we are a happy family of 3!

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