Kayla and Troy

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Christmas Tree @ Dowtown Grants Pass

It was just any typical day in our book. Or so I thought……Waking up, cuddled up, like we do. Coffee in bed, discussing our day ahead, accomplishments, goals and so on. I got ready for my day of work and we were out the door. Lately I’ve been determined to get as much done as possible while working so I stretch my time by a half hour, sometimes hour. This was one of those moments we have where we just click, because when he asked to pick me up early I agreed. But why? I just thought it was cute we missed each other, and it was just one those days. I didn’t think twice about it. He picked me up and there we were on our normal route home. “What do you want for dinner, Horny goat?” (Jalapeno Mac&Cheese with pulled pork ) Naturally, I get real excited because we try and eat clean, mostly. I wasn’t really equipped for the cold so when he stopped me at our Christmas Tree all lit up downtown and told me to stand and pose for a photo I had my arms crossed and complained about no make up and didn’t want to one bit….. I complied and as I walked between the lifesize elf statues and turned around, he had a box in hand and was kneeling down. He opened it and the most beautiful sparkling ring shined in my big bright blue eyes…..I froze….Typical really….. “So is that a yes…no? Quickly snapping out it I said Yes and he put it on. I hugged the shit out of him, kissing him, feeling his heart pounding through my entire body, squeezing and kissing, I was touched he was so nervous. Did that really just happen? He told me to wave to my mom on camera, huh? There in the corner of the building was a weather cam that caught it all. I’ve been all smiles since. I’m so blessed, thankful, grateful, and beyond ecstatic for our new chapter of life together, forever and always.