Kayla and Trevor

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How We Met

​Trevor and I were only 6 years old when we lived a couple streets away from each other and were placed in the same 1st grade class. At the time he was simply just the boy I stood in front of during the lunch line because of our last names and occasionally played make believe with on the playground. When we were 8 years old we were placed in the same class again. This time, he was more than just a boy who stood by me in line, he became my first ever “boyfriend”. We held hands, ate at the same lunch table together, and once when no one was looking he kissed me on the cheek. Like all third grade relationships it came and it went and we grew up and went our separate ways. I even moved to a whole new state. I was 20 years old right around the corner from finishing up my bachelors degree and working two part time jobs, one of them being Build-A-Bear. I was graduating in May and moving back to my home state, back into my childhood home with my grandma in my old hometown, to pursue my master’s degree. Before moving my manager at Build-A-Bear recommended a job transfer so I could make a little money on the side while I was in school. With some hesitation I agreed to give it a try. Little did I know that my job transfer would land me at the same exact Build-A-Bear Trevor was currently working at. Trevor was finishing up his last two weeks at Build-A-Bear when I started because he was about to pursue a new job opportunity. I spent the first shift we worked together pretending I didn’t know him as a joke, which he didn’t find too funny. We didn’t speak much and when he finally finished up his final shifts we reconnected through Facebook. Soon we set up a time to hang out since we found ourselves living only a couple streets away from each other once again. We met at the local Starbucks and spent time just catching up on what we’ve been up to with life and reminiscing on our old elementary days together. After that we would text each other all the time, walk to 7-Eleven near my house, and hang out at our old elementary school playground. After a couple months of hanging out all the time Trevor whisked me away on our first real date. Since then we’ve been inseparable. He even moved 300 miles away from home with me when I finished up with my masters so I could pursue my dream job. Through all the ups and downs in life Trevor has always been my constant.

how they asked

Three years passed and I found myself hugging my parents good bye after their weekend visit and napping on the couch when Trevor woke me up and asked to go get dinner in San Francisco. Sleepily I agreed and he made the request that we get all fancy, which is something we usually do when we get dinner San Francisco. After dinner Trevor said he wanted to see the sunset at the Golden Gate Bridge since when we went with my parents the other day while they were visiting we didn’t get to see the sunset. I agreed and we headed that way. When we got there we walked around waiting for the sun to set Trevor asked a nearby person to take our picture but secretly asked to record instead. During the second photo he suggested we’d take one of us looking at the sunset towards the bridge. As I turned around and he stood by me and he started to take a few steps back. Thinking we were done taking pictures, I turned around and found Trevor on one knee. Full of joy I was giddy and giggly and couldn’t wait to tell the man of dreams ‘yes’! We were six when we first met. 8 when we first fell in love, even if we didn’t know what love meant. 20 when we found each other again. 23 when he asked me to marry him. It seems time is always on our side and I cannot wait to see what forever has in store for us!

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