Kayla and Tim

Tim has two brothers, both with wives and kids, who have moved away from home. They always try their hardest to get together around the holidays to spend time altogether. The weekend of December 13, 2014, they had arranged for the whole family to have a Christmas celebration. One of his sister-in-laws, Melea, ask Tim and I earlier in the week if we could take his niece, Kinley, to the zoo while they went Christmas shopping since she had never been to Tampa’s zoo. When she asked, we had already planned to get our first Christmas tree that Saturday. So, I suggested bringing her to pick out our tree with us. Tim suggested we go get our Christmas tree the night Melea texted us so we could take Kinley to the zoo on Saturday. I love Christmas so, of course, I didn’t object to getting our tree early!

Saturday morning, Tim and I picked Kinley up and enjoyed a nice breakfast at iHop before heading to the zoo. Once we got into the zoo, we took pictures at the door, visited the wallabies, the petting zoo, and we couldn’t miss feeding the giraffes (My absolute favorite animal in the world!). Kinley led us to the giraffes by reading the map. On the way up the ramp to the giraffes, everyone in line in front of us moved into the exit row to clear our path. Once everyone cleared our view, I saw all of our friends and family stand up to greet us by the giraffes. I was so surprised! I immediately starting bawling as I turned around to Tim to ask him what was happening. He nervously reached into his pocket and got down on one knee and asked me the most important question in front of our loved one and my favorite animal! It was a dream come true. It was the perfect proposal!

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